Honorable Mentions 2013

Here are my Honorable Mentions for 2013. There are the ones that will be in The Best Horror of the Year Volume Six:

Abbott, Megan “My Heart Is Either Broken,” Dangerous Women.

Allan, Nina “Vivian Guppy and the Brighton Belle,”(novella) Rustblind and Silverbright.

Antosca, Nick “Burial Grounds,” Exotic Gothic 5 Volume I.

Atkins, Peter “Postcards From Abroad,” The Imposter’s Monocle.

Barron, Laird “Ardor,” Suffered From the Night.

Barron, Laird “Termination Dust,” (novella) Tales of Jack the Ripper.

Cadigan, Pat “Chalk” This is Horror.

Chinn, Mike “Cheechee’s Out,” Second City Scares.

Cluley, Ray “The Festering,” Black Static #36.

Crow, Jennifer “Anna They Have Killed,” (poem) Mythic Delirium issue 0.2

Ford, Jeffrey “A Terror,” Tor.com July.

Frost, Gregory “No Others Are Genuine,” Asimov’s SF. Oct/November.

Gardner, Cate “This Foolish & Harmful…,”(novella)TheTransfigurationofMister Punch.

Gavin, Richard “A Cavern of Redbrick,” Shadows & Tall Trees, #5.

Gerrold, David “Night Train to Paris,” F&SF January.

Grant, John “Memoryville Blues,” Memoryville Blues.

Graves, Rain “Hades and its Five: The Ferryman,” (poem) Four Elements.

Harman, Christopher “Dark Tracks,” Supernatural Tales 25.

Hobson, M.K. “Baba Makosh,” F&SF November/December.

Hodge, Brian “We, The Fortunate Bereaved,” Halloween.

Hook, Andrew “Rain from  a Clear Blue Sky,” Black Static #33.

Janes, Andrea “The Last Wagon in the Train,” The Tenth Black Book of Horror.

Johnstone, Carole “21 Brooklands: Next to Old Western….”For the Night is Dark.

Jones, Stephen Graham “Interstate Love Affair,” Three Miles Past.

Kiernan, Caitlín R.” Black Helicopters,” (novella) chapbook.

Langan, John “Mother of Stone,” (novella) The Wide, Carnivorous Sky.

Llewellyn, Livia “Furnace, “ The Grimscribe’s Puppets.

Maberry, Jonathan “Mister Pockets,” Dark Visions 1.

Marolla, Samuel “Black Tea,” Black Tea and Other Tales.

McHugh, Ian “Vandiemensland,” Next.

Miéville, China “The Design,” McSweeney’s 45.

Nevill, Adam “Always in Our Hearts,” End of the Road.

Nickle, David “Black Hen a La Ford,” In Words, Alas, Drown I.

Oliver, Reggie “Come into My Parlour,” Dark World: Ghost Stories.

Oliver, Reggie “The Silken Drum,” Fearie Tales.

Partridge, Norman “The Mummy’s Heart, “ (novella) Halloween.

Reed, Kit “The Legend of Troop 13,” Asimov’s Science Fiction January.

Schanoes, Veronica “Burning Girls,” (novella) Tor.com June.

Schanoes, Veronica “Phosphorus,” Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells.

Schow, David J. “A Home in the Dark,” Nightmare #15 December

Snyder, Maria V. “The Halloween Men,” Halloween.

Swirsky, Rachel “Abomination Rises on Filthy Wings,” Apex #50.

Tem, Steve Rasnic “Bedtime Story,” Black Static #32.

Volk, Stephen “The Peter Lorre Fan Club,”  The Burning Circus.

Warren, Kaaron “The Unwanted Women of Surrey,” Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells.

Warrick, Douglas R. “Rattenkőnig,” Vampires Don’t Sparkle/Plow the Bones.

Watt, D.P. “Laudate Dominium (for many voices),” Shadows & Tall Trees, #5.

Watt, D. P. “With Gravity, Grace,” The Transfiguration of Mister Punch.

Williams, Conrad “Raptors,” Subterranean winter.




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