The “HWA Know a Nominee” interview

I was interviewed about my HWA nominated anthology The Doll Collection, but the interview was never posted, so here it is:

HWA Know a Nominee 2016
1. Please describe the genesis for the idea that eventually became the work(s) for which you’ve been nominated. What attracted you most to the project? If nominated in multiple categories, please touch briefly on each.
ED: I’ve been collecting weird dolls and doll parts for several years now and eventually the idea almost naturally popped into my head to put together a doll horror anthology.
2. What was the most challenging part of bringing the concept(s) to fruition? The most rewarding aspect of the process?
ED: The most difficult part was coming up with the right title. A great title is often the key to actually attracting the interest of a publisher. I had the idea, and noodled around with a proposal for a couple of years, with no idea of what to call it. Finally, during lunch with my friend Veronica Schanoes (a writer and academic with whom I’m friends and who subequently wrote a story for the anthology) she came up with THE DOLL COLLECTION, which I knew was perfect.

For an original anthology, it’s always a challenge to wrangle the writers I’ve solicited into writing a variety of stories tied to one theme. As the stories come in, I need to weigh them against what I’ve already bought. On the other hand, it’s a joy to know that many of the stories that are in any given anthology would not exist if I’d not solicited them.

And of course, the finished book itself, with stories and interior photographs illustrating it, pleases me greatly.

3. What do you think good horror/dark literature should achieve? How do you feel the work(s) for which you’ve been nominated work fits into (or help give shape to) that ideal?
ED: As a reader, I want to experience a distinct feeling of unease, combined with being drawn into a situation by characters that I find interesting and believable. I want stories that work on more than one, superficial level. I want a story to be memorable. An anthology of course contains many stories. The Doll Collection has seventeen stories and I hope that it least a few stick in readers’ minds.
4. I’m curious about your writing and/or editing process. Is there a certain setting or set of circumstances that help to move things along? If you find yourself getting stuck, where and why?
ED: By necessity, I must wait for solicited submissions to arrive. Those submissions usually come in a few months after I initially ask for stories. That’s the point I start reading and accepting stories. If I love a story but think it needs a lot of work, I’ll communicate with the author right away and although I may not at that point commit to buying the story–I’ll suggest we work on it until it’s in good enough shape to accept it. This might require several rewrites. There will be a final line edit by me a couple of months before I need to hand the full mss in to my publisher. The great thing about working on more than one project (different anthologies and at a time is that if I get restless or just can’t focus on one project, I can read for or edit one of the other projects on which I’m working.
I sometimes get stuck thinking up an idea for another anthology to pitch to my various publishers. I’m always burned out toward the end of writing up my summary of the year for the Best Horror of the Year series.
But I try to give my brain a break and always come up with something.

5. As you probably know, many of our readers are writers and/or editors. What is the most valuable piece of advice you can share?
ED: As an editor, you must be able to reject stories, even by writers who are your friends. And always remember, it’s not your story it’s the writer’s. For a writer/editor this is especially important: don’t impose your writing style or voice on another writer’s work while editing them.
6. If you’re attending WHC this year, what are you most looking forward to at this year’s event? If not attending, what do you think is the significance of recognitions like the Bram Stoker Awards?
ED: Seeing and hanging out with writers, artists, editors, and agents, movie makers, and everyone else connected to the business. I just want to have fun.
7. What scares you most? Why? How (if at all) does that figure into your work or the projects you’re attracted to?
ED; In real life I’m scared by political extremism (within and outside the US) and a seemingly increasing intolerance of each other’s rights (in the US). This relates not at all to what I work on.
8. What are you reading for pleasure lately? Can you point us to new authors or works we ought to know about?
ED: I don’t have time to read specifically for pleasure so I try to combine my reading for the Best Horror of the Year with novels I hope will dovetail with that reading. So I only read what’s being published in the year for which I’m reading (best horror). I recently finished Richard Kadrey’s new novel THE EVERYTHING BOX, a non-Sandman Slim novel (the new one in that series is coming soon). They’re very entertaining very dark fantasies with horrific elements. I read Elizabeth Hand’s new Cass Neary novel HARD LIGHT, which is a terrific dark thriller (with supernatural elements) about a great anti-hero- a fucked up photographer famous for her photos of the drug-infested east village of the punk era. Just out. And in the middle of Matt Ruff’s excellent take on Lovecraftian lore called LOVECRAFT COUNTRY.

Victor LaValle’s THE BALLAD OF BLACK TOM, a novella (I edited it) is another fine take on Lovecraftian horror from the point of view of a young black man from Harlem in the 20s. LaValle is better known in mainstream than horror although his novels BIG MACHINE (winner of the Shirley Jackson Award) and THE DEVIL IN SILVER are both with the sf/f/h genre, particularly the second. He’s someone to watch.

Livia Llewellyn has a new collection out this year-her second-called FURNACE and it’s spectacular. Horrific, often sensual, and always disturbing-the perfect winning combination.

Call for Submissions Best Horror of the Year volume 9

Call for Submissions

I am editing the anthology series Best Horror of the Year (Night Shade Books) and am currently reading for the ninth volume, which will include all material published in 2016.

I am looking for stories and poetry from all branches of horror: from the traditional-supernatural to the borderline, including high-tech sf horror, supernatural stories, psychological horror, dark crime, or anything else that might qualify. If in doubt, send it. This is a reprint anthology so I am only reading material published in or about to be published in 2016. Submission deadline for individual stories is December 15th 2016. I’ll look at galleys or manuscripts. Authors should check that their publishers are sending review copies to me as I don’t have time or energy to nag publishers to get me material. I request it once (maybe twice) and that’s it.

I will look at e-versions of anthologies and collections if they are navigable and have running heads. Otherwise I will not read them.  But I really really prefer print, if your book is available that way.

You can query me as to whether I have your collection or an anthology in which you have a story at

There will be a summation of “the year in horror” in the front of the volume. This includes novels, nonfiction, poetry, art books, and “odds and ends”– material that doesn’t fit elsewhere but that I feel might interest the horror reader. But I must be aware of this material in order to mention it. The deadline for submissions to this section is December 30th, 2016.
Ellen Datlow
Best Horror of the Year Volume Nine
PMB 391
511 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10011-8436

****I regularly read many magazines and webzines that publish horror (Black Static, Dark Discoveries, Cemetery Dance, Supernatural Tales, F&SF, The Dark, Nightmare, and the other digests, etc) or from anthologies and collections, unless I don’t have or can’t get that anthology or collection. Again, please ask your publisher to send me the magazine or book. For online publications, I prefer that you email me individual files.

Please do not send an SASE. If I choose a story you will be informed. For confirmation that I‘ve received something, email me at
thank you
Ellen Datlow
Editor and reviewer

Full rec list Best Horror of the Year volume Seven (l-z)

Lloyd, Rebecca “Gone to the Deep,” Strange Tales IV.

Lloyd, Rebecca “Lucky Cat,” Mercy and Other Stories.

Lloyd, Rebecca “Maynard’s Mountain,” Mercy and Other Stories.

Lloyd, Rebecca “The Reunion,” Mercy and Other Stories.

Lockley, Steve “Don’t Leave Me Down Here,” Terror Tales of Wales.

Logan, Sean “The Tagalong,” Supernatural Tales 27.

Lowder, James “The Paper Shield,” Sojourn.

Luckhurst, Rogetr “Circulation,” Irregularity.

Lupescu, Valya Dudycz “Deepwater,” (poem) Mythic Delirium #11.

Luz, Alegría Luna “The Monkey’s Other Paw,” The Monkey’s Other Paw.

Lyris, Sonia Orin “Done,” Lore April.

Maberry, Jonathan “Bug Hunt,” SNAFU.

Maberry, Jonathan “Three Guys Walk into a Bar,” Limbus, Inc, Book II.

Maberry, Jonathan “Toby’s Closet,” Streets of Shadows.

MacFarlane, Alex Dally “The (De) Composition of Evidence,” Noir.

Machado, Carmen Maria “The Husband Stitch,” Granta 129: Fate.

MacLeod, Bracken “In the Bones,” Widowmakers.

MacLeod, Catherine “Sideshow,” Women Destroy Horror.

MacLeod, Catherine “The Attic,” Fearful Symmetries.

Malik Usman T. “The Vaporization Enthalpy of a Peculiar PakistaniFamily”Qualia Nous.

Malik, Usman T. “Ishq,” Black Static #44, November/December.

Malik, Usman T. “Resurrection Points,” Strange Horizons August.

Mamatas, Nick “Der Kommissar’s in Town,” Streets of Shadows.

Mamatas, Nick “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” Searchers After Horror.

Mamatas, Nick “Work, Hook, Shoot, Rip,” Nightmare Carnival.

Manzetti, Alessandro “Lu’lu” Dark Gates.

Manzetti, Alessandro “Nature’s Oddities,” The Shaman and Other Shadows.

Manzetti, Alessandro “Regnum Congo,” The Shaman and Other Shadows.

Manzetti, Alessandro “The Mont Meru,” The Shaman and Other Shadows.

Manzetti, Alessandro “The Shaman,” The Shaman and Other Shadows.

Manzetti, Alessandro “The Wolf Gate,” The Shaman and Other Shadows.

Marshall, Amy K. “The Ghosts of Kuskulana,” Carnacki: The New Adventures.

Marshall, Helen “All My Love, a Fishhook,” Gifts for the One Who Comes After.

Marshall, Helen “All Things Fall Apart and Are Built Again,” Dangerous Games.

Marshall, Helen “Ship House,” Gifts for the One Who Comes After.

Marshall, Helen “The Gallery of the Eliminated,” Gifts for the One Who Comes After.

Massie, Elizabeth “18P37-C After Andrea Was Arrested,” Qualia Nous.

Mather, Matthew “Enlightenment,” The End is Nigh.

Matheson, Michael “Jenny of the Long Gauge,” Fractured.

Matsuura, Thersa “The Spider Sweeper,” Black Static #41, July/August.

Maurer, Jason “In Your Dark…,” A Dark Phantastique.

McAllister, Bruce “La Signora,” August 13.

McAllister, Bruce “The Witch Moth,” Fearful Symmetries.

McCammon, Robert “White,”

McDonald, Keris “Darkling I Listen,” Weird Tales 362.

McDonald, Keris “Under His Wing, Poor Thing,” Hauntings.

McGuire, Seanan “Spores,” The End is Nigh.

McGuire, Seanan “The Right of It,” (poem) Goblin Fruit winter.

McHugh, Maura “The Hanging Tree,” Black Static #38, January/February.

McIntosh, A. J. “Forth,” Strange Tales Volume IV.

McKenzie, Shane “Polaroid,” Mia Mojo.

McKiernan, Andrew J. “A Prayer for Lazarus,” Last Year, When We Were Young.

McMahon, Gary “Dull Fire” The Spectral Book of Horror Stories.

McMahon, Gary “Kaiju,” Fearful Symmetries.

McMahon, Gary “Only Bleeding,” Horror Uncut.

McMahon, Gary “Ready or Not,” Dangerous Games.

McMahon, Gary “The Night Just Got Darker,” Nightwatch Press.

McMahon, Gary “The Yellow Film,” In the Court of the Yellow King.

Meikle, William “Bedlam in Yellow,” In the Court of the Yellow King.

Meikle, William “Carnacki:Captain Gault’s Nemesis,” Carnacki: The New Adventures.

Meikle, William “No Sleep for the Just,” Sword and Mythos.

Mejía, Lynette “Terra Firma,” (poem) Goblin Fruit summer.

Meloy, Paul “Reclamation Yard,” Black Static #40 May/June.

Miller, Eric “Culling the Herd,” Hell Comes to Hollywood II.

Mills, Daniel “House of the Caryatids,” The Lord Came at Twilight.

Mohebali, Mahsa “My Own Marble Jesus,” Tehran Noir.

Monahan, Hilary “The Bone Man’s Bridge,” Dangerous Games.

Moore, Alison “Eastmouth,” The Spectral Book of Horror Stories.

Moore, James A. “Blank White Page,” SNAFU.

Moore, James A. “He Dreads the Cold,” Phantasm Japan.

Moore, Ralph Robert “Kebob Bob,” Black Static #39, March/April.

Moore, Ralph Robert “When They Come for You, They’ll…”Journeys into Darkness.

Moore, Ralph Robert & Cluley, Ray “The Space Between,”Shadows & Tall Trees 2014.

Moraine, Sunny “So Sharp That Blood Must Flow,” Lightspeed February.

Morgan, Christine “Little Johnny Jump-Up,” SNAFU.

Morgan, Christine “The Viking in Yellow,” In the Court of the Yellow King.

Morris, Mark “They Walk As Men,” Terror Tales of Yorkshire.

Morrison, Matthew J. “The Stain on the Lake,” Aurealis #70.
Nelson, David Erik “The Traveling Salesman Solution,” F&SF July/August.

Mudge, Faith “Twelve,” Phantazein.

Mullins, Ian “Into the Woods,” Hellfire Crossing volume 2.

Mulroy, Sean “Hypnos,” (poem) Glitterwolf Halloween Special.

Murrell, Neil “Rain Blush,” Lovecraft Ezine 33.

Nahrung, Jason “The Preservation Society,” Dimension XI, issue one.

Narayan, Shweta “Triumph XXI: Atman,” (poem) Goblin Fruit summer.

Naturale, Lauren “Her Last Appearance,” Phantasm Japan.

Ness, Mari “Death and Death Again,” Nightmare July #22.

Neugebauer, Annie “Hide,” Black Static #44, November/December.

Nicholls, Mark “The Other Man,” The Ghosts & Scholars 25.

Nickle, David “The Exorcist: A Love Story,” Knife Fight.

Nicolay, Scott “Phragmites,” Ana Kai Tangata.

Nicolay, Scott & Douthit-Nicolay, Jesse James“ Tenebrionidae,”The Children of Old Lee

Nikita, Seras “Bog Dog,” Nightmare December #27.

Niveau, Thana “The Curtain,” Far Voyager Postscripts 32/33.

Niveau, Thana “The Face,” Terror Tales of Wales.

Norris, Gregory L. “Malediction on a Gray Summer Morning,” Twisted Boulevard.

O’Neill, Patrick “The Westhoff Version,” Darkness Ad Infinitum.

Odell, Sandra M. “The Hydra Wife,” Jamais Vu Issue 1 winter.

Ogawa, Yukimi “In Her Head, In Her Eyes,” The Book Smugglers October.

Ogawa, Yukimi “Perfect,” The Dark #4, March.

Olausson, Elin “Scar,” Black Apples.

Older, Daniel José  “Anyway, Angie,”, March 26.

Oldknow, Antony “Ruelle des Martyrs,” Supernatural Tales 26.

Oliver, Reggie “Absalom,” The Ghosts & Scholars Book of Shadow. #2.

Orphanides, K.G. “Burning Stars,” Lovecraft eZine 29.

Osborne, Emma “Clean Hands, Dirty Hands,” Aurealis #71.

Palmer, Suzanne “House Party,” Black Static #39, March/April.

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Peploe, Sarah “Stella’s,” Hauntings.

Phillips, Adam “The Medicine Cabinet,” Disturbed Digest June.

Piccirilli, Tom “My Secret is the Faces in My Hands,” Dark Discoveries 27

Picirrilli, Tom “What I Am,” Streets of Shadows.

Pierce, Cameron “Help Me,” Letters to Lovecraft.

Pillsworth, Anne P. “The Madonna of the Abbatoir,” May 6.

Pratt, Tim “Those Who Hunt Monster Hunters,” Phantasm Japan.

Prentiss, Norman “The Shell,” Four Zombies.

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Pugmire, W.H. “An Element of Nightmare,” Searchers After Horror.

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Rao, Dinesh “The Aerophone,” F&SF July/August.

Raven, Paul Graham “A Boardinghouse Heart,” Noir.

Rawlik, Peter “The Sepia Prints,” In the Court of the Yellow King.

Read, Sarah “Golden Avery,” Black Static #40 May/June.

Rega, Angela “The Bush Bride of Badgery Hollow,” Sq Mag 14/M ay.

Regalado, Becky “Longboat,” Darkness Ad Infinitum.

Reynolds, Josh “The Brigg’s Hill Path,” Songs of the Satyrs.

Robertson, S. Brackett The Dryad to the Woodcarver,” (poem) Niteblade 27.

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Russell, Karen “Bad Graft,” The New Yorker, June 9th.

Russell, Karen “Sleep Donation,” (novella) Kindle single.

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Rutledge, Charles R. “The Beautiful Lady Without Pity,” Widowmakers.

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Samatar, Sofia “How to Get Back to the Forest,” Lightspeed March.

Samatar, Sofia “The Ogres of East Africa,” Long Hidden.

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Samuels, Mark “Alistair,” Written in Darkness.

Samuels, Mark “My World Has No Memories,” Written in Darkness.

Samuels, Mark “Outside Interference,” Written in Darkness.

SanGiovanni, Mary “Okiku,” Mia Mojo.

SanGiovanni, Mary “The Mime,” Lamplighter March.

Santoro, Lawrence “A Chittering in the Forest,” Bugs.

Schaller, Eric “The Glamour,” Kaleidotrope autumn.

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Schanoes, Veronica “Among the Thorns,” April 30.

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Call for Submissions -Best Horror of the Year volume 8

Call for Submissions

I am editing the anthology series Best Horror of the Year (Night Shade Books) and am currently reading for the eighth volume, which will include all material published in 2015. Reprints only.

I am looking for stories and poetry from all branches of horror: from the traditional-supernatural to the borderline, including high-tech sf horror, supernatural stories, psychological horror, dark crime, or anything else that might qualify. If in doubt, send it. This is a reprint anthology so I am only reading material published in or about to be published in 2015. Submission deadline for individual stories is December 15th 2015. I’ll look at galleys or manuscripts. Authors should check that their publishers are sending review copies to me as I don’t have time or energy to nag publishers to get me material. I request it once (maybe twice) and that’s it.

You can query me as to whether I have your collection or anthology at

There will be a summation of “the year in horror” in the front of the volume. This includes novels, nonfiction, poetry, art books, and “odds and ends”– material that doesn’t fit elsewhere but that I feel might interest the horror reader. But I must be aware of this material in order to mention it. The deadline for submissions to this section is December 15th, 2015.

Ellen Datlow

Best Horror of the Year Volume Eight

PMB 391

511 Avenue of the Americas

New York, NY 10011-8436

****I regularly read many magazines that publish horror (Black Static, Dark Discoveries, Cemetery Dance, Supernatural Tales, F&SF and the other digests, etc) or from anthologies and collections, unless I don’t have or can’t get that anthology or collection. Again, please ask your publisher to send me the magazine or book. For online publications, please have your publishers email me doc files of your stories.  I will also accept printouts of stories produced and first “published” in 2015 as podcasts.


Please do not send an SASE. If  I choose a story you will be informed. For confirmation that I‘ve received something, enclose a self-addressed-stamped postcard and I will let you know the date it arrived.

thank you

Ellen Datlow

Editor and reviewer

FANTASTIC FICTION at KGB reading series, hosts

Ellen Datlow and Matthew Kressel



Gregory Frost is the author of eight novels (including Shadowbridge, Lord Tophet, Fitcher’s Brides) and over fifty short stories of the fantastic. His novelette “No Others are Genuine” was a 2014 “Long Fiction” finalist for the Bram Stoker Award. His most recent stories are in Out of Tune, an anthology of ballad-stories, edited by Jonathan Maberry; and in Jet-Pack Adventures, commemorating the work of the late Dave Stevens (Rocketeer)

By now he may finally have finished his current novel project.


Andy Duncan’s short fiction has won a Nebula Award, a Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, and three World Fantasy Awards, the most recent in 2014 for “Wakulla Springs,” a novella co-written with Ellen Klages. Also in 2014, Andy co-taught the Science Fiction Foundation Masterclass in SF Criticism, held at the Royal Greenwich Observatory in London. This spring, he is on sabbatical from Frostburg State University in Maryland, where he is a tenured associate professor of English.

Wednesday January 21st,  7pm at

KGB Bar, 85 East 4th Street (just off 2nd Ave, upstairs.)

New York, NY

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Book sale–get your Xmas goodies now

I’m selling some copies of my out of print anthologies through Xmas. The prices do not include postage. I’ll sign or inscribe them if you want.

AFTER: Nineteen Stories of Apocalypse and Dystopia (Young adult) hardcover  (with Terri)  $7.00 each (some copies may be imperfect) . Several copies available

For more information on the book, here’s a review of it from the Guardian:

Blood and Other Cravings (vampirism) hardcover $7.00 each and if buyers are interested I’ll include an arc of Teeth, Terri and my non-sparkly vampire anthology

for young adults until I run out).  Several copies available

Teeth (with Terri ) (non-sparkly vampire stories for young adults) hardcover $7.00 each -several copies available.

Swan Sister (with Terri) retold fairy tales for 8-23 year olds hardcover $7.00 each -maybe 3 copies


I’ll be checking my stock to see what else I’ve got handy (or in storage) and add things.

If you’re interested, you can contact me via the comments here or via the contact page on my website or via (unless you already have my real email address.




part 4

Slatter, Angela “By My Voice, I Shall Be Known,” The Dark issue #1 October.

Slatter, Angela “By the Weeping Gate,”Fearie Tales.

Slatter, Angela “Cuckoo,” A Killer Among Demons.

Slatter, Angela “The Burning Circus,” The Burning Circus.

Slatter, Angela “The Song of Sighs,” Weirder Shadows over Innsmouth.

Smales. Rob “A Night at the Show,” Wicked Seasons.

Smith, Michael Marshall “Look Inside,”Fearie Tales.

Smith, Michael Marshall “The Chain,’ Weirder Shadows over Innsmouth.

Smith, Michael Marshall “The Woodcutter,” Everything You Need.

Smith, Michael Marshall “Unnoticed,” Everything You Need.

Smith, Michael Marshall “The Gist,” chapbook.

Snyder, Lucy A. “I Fuck Your Sunshine,” Vampires Don’t Sparkle.

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