Book sale–get your Xmas goodies now

I’m selling some copies of my out of print anthologies through Xmas. The prices do not include postage. I’ll sign or inscribe them if you want.

AFTER: Nineteen Stories of Apocalypse and Dystopia (Young adult) hardcover  (with Terri)  $7.00 each (some copies may be imperfect) . Several copies available

For more information on the book, here’s a review of it from the Guardian:

Blood and Other Cravings (vampirism) hardcover $7.00 each and if buyers are interested I’ll include an arc of Teeth, Terri and my non-sparkly vampire anthology

for young adults until I run out).  Several copies available

Teeth (with Terri ) (non-sparkly vampire stories for young adults) hardcover $7.00 each -several copies available.

Swan Sister (with Terri) retold fairy tales for 8-23 year olds hardcover $7.00 each -maybe 3 copies


I’ll be checking my stock to see what else I’ve got handy (or in storage) and add things.

If you’re interested, you can contact me via the comments here or via the contact page on my website or via (unless you already have my real email address.




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