Full rec list Best Horror of the Year volume Seven (a-l)


Agelopoulou, Kallirroe “Piling Up,” Darkness Ad Infinitum.

Allen, Mike “Monster,” Nameless spring/summer 2013 (published 2014).

Allen, Mike “Tardigrade,” A Darke Phantastique.

Allen, Mike “The Lead Between the Panes,” Unseaming.

Allen, Mike “The Quiltmaker,” Unseaming.

Anderson, M.T. Quick Hill,” Monstrous Affections.

Anding, Rachel “Grandma Elspeth’s Enchiridion for Domestic…” American Nightmare.

Ardanuy, David Yale “One Last Meal, Before the End,” Letters to Lovecraft.

Arkenberg, Megan “Godfather,” Niteblade 27.

Arkenberg, Megan “Six Things the Owl Said,” (poem) Goblin Fruit spring.

Arnold, Joel “The Toyol,” Black Static #39, March/April.

Aronovitz, Michael “The Girl Between the Slats,” Searchers After Horror.

Ashley, Garrett “Straight of Solitude,” Lore April.

Avery, Simon “In October We Buried the Monsters, “ Terror Tales of Yorkshire.

Bacon, Stephen “The Summer of Bradbury,” Terror Tales of Yorkshire.

Bahrami, Azardokht “A Stoning Before Breakfast,” Tehran Noir.

Bailey, Dale, “The End of the End of Everything,” Tor.com April 23.

Bailey, Michael “Dandelion Clocks,” Inkblots and Blood Spots.

Baker, Harry “Fat Betty,” Shock Totem #8.

Baker, Harry “The Carrion Birds and the Drone, Lovecraft eZine 29.

Baker, Scott “Feral Frolics,” F&SF November/December.

Ballingrud, Nathan “Skullpocket” Nightmare Carnival.

Ballingrud, Nathan “The Diabolist,” Monstrous Affections.

Barker, David “Chamber of Shards,” (poem) Cyäegha 12 winter.

Barnham, Chris “Ravello Steps,” Black Static #40, May/June.

Barrass, Glynn Owen “Future Imperfect,” In the Court of the Yellow King.

Barron, Laird “(Little Miss) Queen of Darkness,” Dark Discoveries 29.

Barron, Laird “Screaming Elk, Mt.,” Nightmare Carnival.

Baxter, Alan “The Darkness in Clara,” Sq Mag 14/May.

Baxter, Alan “Thirty-Three Tear to a Teaspoon,” Far Voyager, PS 32/33.

Beals, Megan Lee “Flies in the Ink,” Stamps, Vamps & Tramps.

Bear, Elizabeth “Formidable Terrain,” Weird Tales 362.

Bear, Elizabeth “Madam Damnable’s Sewing Circle,” Dead Man’s Hand.

Bell, Helena “Burial,” The Dark #3, February.

Bell, Helena “Lovecraft,” Clarkesworld 97.

Bell, Peter “Princess of the Highway,” Dreams of Shadow and Smoke.

Bell, Peter “The Sands o’Dee,” The Ghosts & Scholars Book of Shadows vol. 2.

Bennett, Robert Jackson and Liss, David “Hollow Choices,” Dark Duets.

Berger, Paul M. “Subduction,” F&SF July/August.

Berman, Steve “Passion, Like a Voice–That Buds,” Glitterwolf Halloween Special.

Bestwick, Simon “As White as Bone,” Matter #13.

Bestwick, Simon “Night Templar,” Black Static #44, November/December.

Bestwick, Simon “The Battering Stone,” Horror Uncut.

Bestwick, Simon “The Lowland Hundred,” Dead Water.

Biancotti, Deborah “No Mercy for the Executioner,” Review of Aust. Fiction vol.11#6.

Blundell, Ed “Penny for the Guy,” Hellfire Crossing volume 2.

Bodner, Hal “Hot Tub,” Hell Comes to Hollywood II.

Bossert, Gregory Norman “Spinning the Thread,” Kaleidotrope autumn.

Bowes, Richard “Sleep Walking Now and Then,” Tor.com, July 9.

Bowker, John “Old Meat,” Space & Time spring, #120.

Bradley, James “Changeling,” Fearsome Magics.

Bradley, James “Skinsuit,” Island 137.

Braunbeck, A. Gary “Shikata Ga Nai: The Bag Lady’s Tale,” Phantasm Japan.

Braunbeck, Gary A. “Photo Captions, Jamais Vu Issue 1 winter.

Brennan, Gerard “Morrigan’s Girls,” Streets of Shadows.

Buie, Keith “The Routine,” Burnt Tongues.

Bulkin, Nadia “Truth is Order and Order is Truth,” Sword and Mythos.

Burgess, Rand “The Lust of Ebon Teeth,” Innsmouth Magazine #15.

Burke, Kealan Patrick “Visitation Rights,” Holiday Horrors.

Byrt, Richard “It Just So Happens,” (poem) Glitterwolf Halloween Special.

Cacek, P.D. “The Note,” (poem) Journals of Horror.

Cade, O.J. “The Absence of Feathers,” Luna Station Quarterly #17.

Cade, Octavia “The Mussel Eater,” Book Smugglers November.

Cadieux, Agnes “Empty Heart,” On Spec #97.

Cadigan, Pat “Lefty Plays Bridge,” Dangerous Games.

Cadigan, Pat “Unfair Exchange,” Women Destroy Horror.

Cadigan, Pat Will The Real Psycho In This Story Please Stand Up? Fearful Symmetries.

Cahill, Martin “It Was Never the Fire,” Nightmare April #19.

Caine, Rachel “Easy Mark,” Stamps, Vamps & Tramps.

Calloway, Adam “His Body Scattered by The Plague Winds,” Stamps, Vamps & Tramps.

Campbell, Ramsey “On the Tour,” The Spectral Book of Horror Stories.

Campbell, Ramsey “The Impression,” Weird Tales 362.

Carroll, Siobhan “Wendigo Nights,” Fearful Symmetries.

Caselberg, Jay “Bite Marks,” Noir.

Caselberg, Jay “Sailor’s Rest,” Night Terrors III.

Casson, Tim “The Crone at the Meadow Gate,” Black Static #40, May/June.

Castro, Adam-Troy “In the Temple of Celestial Pleasures,” Nightmare May #20.

Castro, Adam-Troy “The Totals,” Nightmare February #17

Cataneo, Emily B. “The Rondelium Girl of Rue Marseilles,” Qualia Nous.

Cato, Beth “Bird Girl,” (poem) Niteblade 27.

Chambers, Seth “In Her Eyes,” F&SF January/February.

Chandrasekera, Vajra “The Brack,” Black Static #39, March/April.

Chehelnabi, Amin, “Shameful Sofalee,” Innsmouth Magazine #15.

Cheney, Matthew “Patrimony,” Black Static #42, September/October

Chomichuk, GMB, Janzen, Curtis, and Turner, Thomas “Manitou-Wapow,” Fractured.

Clark, Pete “Earth Risen,” Darkness Ad Infinitum.

Clark, Simon “The Rhubarb Festival,” Terror Tales of Yorkshire.

Cluley, Ray “The Hutch,” Black Static #41, July/August.

Cluley, Ray “Under the Windings of the Sea,” Terror Tales of Wales.

Cluley, Ray “Water for Drowning,” (novella) This is Horror.

Connor, Lloyd “Some Corner of a Dorsett Field… Three-Lobe Burning Eye #25.

Cook, Diane “Moving On,” Tin House #59.

Copley-Woods, Haddayr “Belly,” F&SF July/August.

Cowdrey, Albert E. “Golden Girl,” F&SF November/December.

Cowdrey, Albert E. “Out of the Deep,” F&SF January/February.

Cowen, David “Crossing the Realms,” (poem) The Madness of Empty Spaces.

Cowen, David “Nightmares of an Old House,” (poem) The Madness of Empty Spaces.

Cowen, David “Seven Hauntings in Seven Storms,”(poem)TheMadness ofEmpty Spaces.

Cowen, David “Waking the Woodman,” (poem) The Madness of Empty Spaces.

Crichton, Katherine “You’re Hand in Mine, We’ll Be All Right,” Flash Fiction online.

Crighton, Katherine “The Inside and the Outside,” Women Destroy Horror.

Darwin, Emma “A Cold Vehicle for the Marvellous,” Dreams of Shadow and Smoke.

DeHaan, Laura ‘Long Hot Wait,” ASIM #59.

Deshane, Evelyn “The Plague,” Postscripts to Darkness 5.

Devlin, Malcolm “Passion Play,” Black Static #38, January/February.

Di Orazio, Paolo “Hell,” Dark Gates.

Dickinson, Seth “Anna Saves Them All,” Shimmer 21.

Dines, Steven J. “The Broken and the Unmade,” Black Static #39, March/April.

Dioses, Ashley “Carathis,” (poem) Spectral Realms #1.

Dixon, Lauren “Sheela of Good Shepard,” Three-Lobe Burning Eye #25.

Dowling, Terry, “Corpse Rose,” Nightmare Carnival.

Dowling, Terry, “The Four Darks,” Fearful Symmetries.

Duffy, Steve “Old as the Hills,” Terror Tales of Wales.

Dunlap, Margaret “Jane,” Shimmer 19, May.

Dunwoody, David “The Good Man,” Darkness Ad Infintum.

Edgeworth, Mitchell “What Manner of Creature,” Postscripts to Darkness 5.

Eeles, Terence James “Lemming,” Burnt Tongues.

Eikamp, Rhonda “The Occluded,” Unlikely Story, Cartography, issue 9.

Elliott, Julia “Caveman Diet,” The Wilds.

Elliott, Julia “Feral,” The Wilds.

Emelumadu, Chikodil “Tunbi,” Luna Station Quarterly #18.

Emrys, Ruthanna “The Litany of Earth,” Tor.com May 15.

Epstein, Alex “Death in Pajamas,” Tel Aviv Noir.

Erdelac, Edward M. “The Wood of Ephraim,” Sword and Mythos.

Etchison, Dennis “Breakfast in Tasmania,” A Darke Phantastique.

Etchison, Dennis “The Walk,” Tor.com October 20.

Evenson, Brian “Cult,” Conjunctions: 62 Exile.

Evenson, Brian “The Blood Drip,” Granta online, October 31.

Evenson, Brian “The Punish,” Monkey Business volume 4.

Evenson, Brian “The Window,” Fearful Symmetries.

Evenson, Brian BearHeart tm Dark Discoveries 27.

Everington, James “The Man in the Blue Boots,” Hauntings.

Fawver, Kurt “The Waves from Afar,” Weird Tales 362.

Ferebee, K. M. “The Earth and Everything Under,” Shimmer 19, May.

Ferguson, Anthony “Thicker than Water,” Midnight Echo February.

Files, Gemma “A Wish From a Bone,” Fearful Symmetries.

Files, Gemma “Satan’s Jewel Crown,” Dark Discoveries 26.

Files, Gemma “That Place,” Letters to Lovecraft.

Files, Gemma “The Harrow,” The Children of Old Leech.

Finlay, C.C. “The Man Who Hanged Three Times,” F&SF January/February.

Fletcher, Thomas “The Exotic Dancer,” Poor Soul’s Light.

Flynn, Gillian “What Do You Do?” Rogues.

Ford, Jeffrey “Hibbler’s Minions,” Nightmare Carnival.

Ford, Jeffrey “La Madre Del Oro,” Dead Man’s Hand.

Ford, Jeffrey “Mount Chary Galore,” Fearful Symmetries.

Ford, Jeffrey “The Order of the Haunted Wood,” Letters to Lovecraft.

Ford, Jeffrey “The Prelate’s Commission,” Subterranean winter.

Foster, John C. “Highballing Through Gehanna,” Shock Totem #8.

Fowler, Karen Joy “Nanny Anne and the Christmas Story,” Subterranean Winter

Freivald, Patrick “Trigger Warning,” Demonic Visions 4.

Fuller, Andrew S. “Immigrant,” A Darke Phantastique.

Furr, Nickolas “In the Wardrobe,” A Dark Phantastique.

Futter, Ian “Pursuit,” (poem) Spectral Realms #1.

Fylan, Jason M. “Engines, O-rings, and Astronauts,” Burnt Tongues.

Gaskin, John “Addendum to a Confession,” The Master of the House.

Gaskin, John “The Master of the House,” The Master of the House.

Gaskin, John “The Memento Mori,” Strange Tales IV.

Gavin, Richard “The Old Pageant,” The Children of Old Leech.

German, Wade “A Voyage to Carcosa,” (poem) Dreams from a Black Nebula.

German, Wade “Ghost Mountains,” (poem) Dreams from a Black Nebula.

German, Wade “Nightfall in Sesqua,” (poem) Dreams from a Black Nebula.

Gilbow, S. L. “Mr. Hill’s Death,” The Dark #4, March.

Ginther, Chadwick “A Taste of the Other Side,” Beast Within 4: Gears and Growls.

Gladstone, Max “A Kiss with Teeth,” Tor.com October 29.

Godby, Ben “Anuta Fragment’s Private Eyes,” Shimmer 18.

Godby, Ben “Nightchild,” Innsmouth Magazine #15.

Golden, Christopher “Wendy Darling,” Out of Tune.

Gonzalez, Michael Paul “Worth the Having,” Halloween Tales.

Gordon, Alan Ira “Vincent and Paul in The Yellow House,” Disturbed Digest June.

Goto, Hiromi “Covalent Bond,” Room Magazine December.

Gowin, Amanda “The Line Forms on the Right,” Burnt Tongues.

Grandbois, Peter “The Stability of Large Systems,” Double Monster Feature.

Grant, Helen “The Third Time,” The Ghosts & Scholars Book of Shadows #2.

Grant, John “Ghost Story,” Interzone #251, March/April.

Grant, John “His Artist Wife,” Black Static #38 January/February.

Grau, T.E. “Monochrome,” In the Court of the Yellow King.

Gray, Caspian “Separation Distress,” ASIM #60.

Greaves, Jeanette “The Eighth Pane Sash,” Hauntings.

Greenwood, John “The House Warming,” Supernatural Tales 27.

Gregory, Daryl We Are All Completely Fine (novella) Tachyon.

Gresh, Lois H. “Old Enough to Drink,” A Darke Phantastique.

Grey, Orrin “Walpurgisnacht,” The Children of Old Leech.

Griffith, Nicola “Cold Wind,” Tor.com April 9.

Grintalis, Damien Walters “Broken BeneaththePaperweight”ShockTotemValentine issue.

Gussoff, Caren “Peculiar Institution,” Beast Within 4: Gears and Growls.

Gutiérrez, Peter “Anteroom,” (poem) Shock Totem 9.

Halbany, Laurel “Lights Fade,” In the Court of the Yellow King.

Hall, Kate “The Scrimshaw and the Scream,” Women Destroy Fantasy.

Halsall, Rachel “The Conch,” Hauntings.

Hannett, Lisa & Slatter, Angela “The Female Factory,” The Female Factory.

Hardinge, Frances “Devil’s Bridge,” Fearsome Magics.

Hargadon, Stephen “The Bury Line,” Black Static #42, September/October.

Hargadon, Stephen “World of Trevor,” Black Static #40 May/June.

Harman, Christopher “A True Yorkshireman,” Terror Tales of Yorkshire.

Harman, Christopher “Slapstick,” The Ghosts & Scholars Book of Shadows #2.

Harris, Charlaine and Caine, Rachel “Dark Witness,” Dark Duets.

Harrow, Alix E. “A Whisper in the Weld,” Shimmer 22, November.

Hauser, Nik “Son of Abyss,” Monstrous Affections.

Hawks, Rhodi and Wilson, F. Paul “Renascence,” Dark Duets.

Hayes, Martin “Echoes,” Dreams of Shadow and Smoke.

Headley, Maria Dahvana “Taxidermist in the Underworld,” Clarkesworld 97.

Headley, Maria Dahvana “What There Was to See,” Subterranean summer.

Headley, Maria Dahvana “Who is Your Executioner?” Nightmare November #26.

Hellisen, Cat “The Girls Who Go Below,” F&SF July/August.

Heuler, Karen “Stray Curse,” Indiana Review, summer.

Hickson, Robin “The Apothecary’s Tale,” BFS Journal #13.

Hirshberg, Glen “A Small Part in the Pantomime,” Nightmare Carnival.

Hirshberg, Glen “Hexenhaus,” Dark Discoveries 29.

Hodge, Brian “Cures for a Sickened World” The Spectral Book of Horror Stories.

Hodson, Brad C. “The Scottish Play,” Hell Comes to Hollywood II.

Holder, Nancy “In Arkham Town, Where I Was Bound,” Out of Tune.

Hook, Andrew “A Knot of Toads,” Black Static #38, January/February.

Hook, Andrew “Softwood,” La Femme.

Hopkinson, Nalo “Left Foot, Right,” Monstrous Affections.

Howard, John “Falling into Stone,” Horror Uncut.

Howard, Kat “Dreaming Like a Ghost,” Nightmare February #17

Howard, Kat “Hath No Fury,” Subterranean spring.

Howle, Bryan “Bike,” Burnt Tongues.

Huang, S. L. “Hunting Monsters,” Book Smugglers October.

Hunter, Justin “Flyweight,” Bugs.

Hutchison, Scott T. “Breaking a Witch’s Fingers, “ (poem) Star*Line summer.

Jackson, Roger “No-Man’s Land,” Equilibrium Overturned.

Jackson, Shirley “The Man in the Wood,” The New Yorker, April 28.

Jager, Michelle “Bones,” SQ Mag 14/May.

Jakeman, Jane “Quarry Hogs,” Supernatural Tales 27.

James, M.R. & Grant, Helen “The Game of Bear,” Weird Tales 362.

Jansson, Mathias “Door to Insanity,” (poem) Darkness Ad Infinitum.

Jantunen, John “The Body Politic,” Fractured.

Jason, Philip “Panacea,” Mid-American Review volume XXXIV, #2.

Jeffreys, Tim “The Well,” Whispers from the Abyss.

John, Derek “The Desecrator,” The Ghosts & Scholars Book of Shadows #2.

Johnson, Alaya Dawn “A Guide to the Fruits of Hawai’i,” F&SF July/August.

Johnson, Erik T. “Krug’s Pen,” BFS Journal #10.

Johnstone, Carole “Catching Flies,” Fearful Symmetries.

Johnstone, Carole “Equilibrium,” Black Static #41, July/August.

Johnstone, Carole “Gettin’ High,” The Bright Day is Done.

Johnstone, Carole “Victoria Sponge,” The Bright Day is Done.

Johnstone, Tom “An to Bury Ring,” Supernatural Tales 27.

Johnstone, Tom “Kravolitz,” Wicked Women.

Jones, Mark Howard “The Turn of the Tide,” Black Wings III.

Jones, S. Marcus “Summertime in Paris,” BFS Journal #13.

Jones, Stephen Graham “Brushdogs,” The Children of Old Leech.

Jones, Stephen Graham “Dear Final Girls,” Shock till You Drop October.

Jones, Stephen Graham “Doc’s Story,” Letters to Lovecraft.

Jones, Stephen Graham “Tenderizer,” The Cutting Room.

Jones, Stephen Graham “The Darkest Part,” Nightmare Carnival.

Jones, Stephen Graham “The Dead Are Not,” Bourbon Penn Issue 9.

Jones, Stephen Graham “The Elvis Room,” This is Horror.

Jones, Stephen Graham “The Spider Box,” After the People Lights Have Gone Off.

Jones, Stephen Graham “The Spindly Man,” Fearful Symmetries.

Jones, Stephen Graham “When Swords Had Names,” The Dark #5, April.

Jones, Stephen Graham “You Are Here,” Shock Totem 9.

Jourdan, Phil “Mind and Soldier,” Burnt Tongues.

Joy, B.T. “Crawler SQ Magazine #12, January.

Joyce, Mere “Moon Child,” Hauntings.

Kaftan, Vylar “Ink of My Bones, Blood of My Hands,” Beneath Ceaseless Skies #149.

Karney, Rue “A Place for Everyone,” Hauntings.

Kastn, D. T. “Real Live Lobsters,” A Darke Phantastique.

Keene, Brian “Musings,” Pages From Four Killers.

Keevil, Tyler “Hot Feet,” Black Static #39, March/April.

Kemper, Erinn L. “The Claim,” A Darke Phantastique.

Kendall, Mikki “If God is Watching,” The Revelator #138.

Kennett, Rick “Dolls for Another Day,” The Ghosts & Scholars Book of Shadows #2.

Keret, Etgar “Allergies,” Tel Aviv Noir.

Ketchum, Jack “Listen,” Night Terrors III.

Ketchum, Jack “Oldies,” Jamai Vu Issue two, spring.

Kiernan Caitlín R. “Far from Any Shore,” Sirenia Digest 101.

Kiernan, Caitlín R. “A Mountain Walked,” The Madness of Cthulhu.

Kiernan, Caitlín R. “Blind Fish,” Searchers After Horror.

Kiernan, Caitlín R. “Chewing on Shadows,” Sirenia Digest 97.

Kiernan, Caitlín R. “Idyll for a Limbo Dancer,” Sirenia Digest 96.

Kiernan, Caitlín R. “One Tree Hill,” Black Wings III.

Kiernan, Caitlin R. “Pushing the Sky Away (Death of a Blasphemer), Subterranean sum

Kiernan, Caitlín R. “The Beginning of a Year Without Summer,” Sirenia Digest 99.

Kiernan, Caitlín R. “The Cats of River Street (1925), Sirenia Digest #102.

Kiernan, Caitlín R. “The Peddler’s Tale, or Isobel’s Revenge,” Sirenia Digest 95.

Kim, Alice Sola “Mothers, Lock Up Your Daughters Because…” Monstrous Affections.

Kindred, Sally Rosen “Said Rapunzel to the Wolf,” (poem) Goblin Fruit winter.

Kitano, Yusaki (trans. Nathan Collins)“Scissors or Claws, and Holes,” Phantasm Japan.

Kornher-Stace, Nicole “Present,” Mythic Delirium 0.3.

Kratz, Al “Rabbit,” BFS Journal #10.

Kurzawa, Greg “Old Bones,” Interzone #251 March/April.

Langan, John “Kore,” Shock Totem Halloween issue.

Langan, John “Children of the Fang,” Lovecraft’s Monsters. (novella)

Langan, John “Tragôidia,” Song of the Satyrs.

Lansdale, Joe R. “Fishing for Dinosaurs,” Limbus Inc, Book II.

Lansdale, Joe R. “The Case of the Four-Acre Haunt,” A Darke Phantastique.

Lansdale, Kasey and Lansdale, Joe R. “Blind Love,” Dark Duets.

Larner, S. G. “Chasing the Storm,” SQ Mag 14/May.

Larson, Rich “The Air We Breathe is Stormy, Stormy,” Strange Horizons August.

Larson, Richard “Capricorn,” Abyss & Apex October.

LaSart, C.W. “The Gift of Infidelity,” Of Devils and Deviants.

LaValle, Victor “Lone Women,” Long Hidden.

Lebeda, William “Charlie’s Angel,” Hell Comes to Hollywood II.

LeFanu, Sarah “Alicia Harker’s Story,” Dreams of Shadow and Smoke.

Legend, Kara “Still Red,” Fiction River #7: Fantasy Adrift.

Leibowitz, Sandi “Braiding,” (poem) Niteblade 27.

Leibowitz, Sandi “Old Bone,” (poem) Mythic Delirium 0.3.

Lemmer, Richard “Ingredients,” Burnt Tongues.

Leslie, V. H. “Preservation,” The Ghosts & Scholars Book of Shadows volume 2.

Leslie, V.H. “The Quiet Room,” Shadows & Tall Trees 2014.

Levine, David D. “Goat Eyes,” Black Static #42, September/October.

Libling, Michael “Hollywood North,” F&SF November/December.

Lieder, Tim “Hey Man,” Shock Totem 9.

Ligotti, Thomas “Metaphysica Morum,” The Spectral Link.

Ligotti, Thomas “The Small People,” The Spectral Link.

Link, Kelly “I Can See Right Through You,” McSweeny’s Quarterly 48.

Lipkin, Shira “The Final Girl,” Strange Horizons April.

Little, Bentley “The Pen,” Dark Discoveries 27.

Littlewood, Alison “A Legion of Echoes,” Far Voyager Postscripts 32/33.

Littlewood, Alison “Bluebeard’s Child,” Black Apples.

Littlewood, Alison “On Ilkley Moor,” Terror Tales of Yorkshire.

Liu, Ken “The Ussuri Bear,” Beast Within 4: Gears and Growls.

Liu, Ken “What I Assume You Shall Assume,” Dead Man’s Hand.

Livia Llewellyn “The Mysteries,” Nightmare Carnival.

Llewellyn, Livia “It Feels Better Biting Down,” Women Destroy Horror.

Llewellyn, Livia “The Last, Clean, Bright Summer,” Primeval #2.

Lloyd, Rebecca “All That Follows,” Mercy and Other Stories.


  1. Gordon Bennet! I found myself in this list for ‘All that Follows’ a story of stalking, that’s really pleasing. Thank you Ellen.

  2. She it!

  3. Thanks, Ms Datlow, for including “It Just So Happens” in your list. I’m delighted and very surprised.

    All best wishes


    (Richard Byrt)

  4. Oh my gosh, I just noticed me on this list — thank you!


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