Full rec list Best Horror of the Year volume Seven (l-z)

Lloyd, Rebecca “Gone to the Deep,” Strange Tales IV.

Lloyd, Rebecca “Lucky Cat,” Mercy and Other Stories.

Lloyd, Rebecca “Maynard’s Mountain,” Mercy and Other Stories.

Lloyd, Rebecca “The Reunion,” Mercy and Other Stories.

Lockley, Steve “Don’t Leave Me Down Here,” Terror Tales of Wales.

Logan, Sean “The Tagalong,” Supernatural Tales 27.

Lowder, James “The Paper Shield,” Sojourn.

Luckhurst, Rogetr “Circulation,” Irregularity.

Lupescu, Valya Dudycz “Deepwater,” (poem) Mythic Delirium #11.

Luz, Alegría Luna “The Monkey’s Other Paw,” The Monkey’s Other Paw.

Lyris, Sonia Orin “Done,” Lore April.

Maberry, Jonathan “Bug Hunt,” SNAFU.

Maberry, Jonathan “Three Guys Walk into a Bar,” Limbus, Inc, Book II.

Maberry, Jonathan “Toby’s Closet,” Streets of Shadows.

MacFarlane, Alex Dally “The (De) Composition of Evidence,” Noir.

Machado, Carmen Maria “The Husband Stitch,” Granta 129: Fate.

MacLeod, Bracken “In the Bones,” Widowmakers.

MacLeod, Catherine “Sideshow,” Women Destroy Horror.

MacLeod, Catherine “The Attic,” Fearful Symmetries.

Malik Usman T. “The Vaporization Enthalpy of a Peculiar PakistaniFamily”Qualia Nous.

Malik, Usman T. “Ishq,” Black Static #44, November/December.

Malik, Usman T. “Resurrection Points,” Strange Horizons August.

Mamatas, Nick “Der Kommissar’s in Town,” Streets of Shadows.

Mamatas, Nick “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” Searchers After Horror.

Mamatas, Nick “Work, Hook, Shoot, Rip,” Nightmare Carnival.

Manzetti, Alessandro “Lu’lu” Dark Gates.

Manzetti, Alessandro “Nature’s Oddities,” The Shaman and Other Shadows.

Manzetti, Alessandro “Regnum Congo,” The Shaman and Other Shadows.

Manzetti, Alessandro “The Mont Meru,” The Shaman and Other Shadows.

Manzetti, Alessandro “The Shaman,” The Shaman and Other Shadows.

Manzetti, Alessandro “The Wolf Gate,” The Shaman and Other Shadows.

Marshall, Amy K. “The Ghosts of Kuskulana,” Carnacki: The New Adventures.

Marshall, Helen “All My Love, a Fishhook,” Gifts for the One Who Comes After.

Marshall, Helen “All Things Fall Apart and Are Built Again,” Dangerous Games.

Marshall, Helen “Ship House,” Gifts for the One Who Comes After.

Marshall, Helen “The Gallery of the Eliminated,” Gifts for the One Who Comes After.

Massie, Elizabeth “18P37-C After Andrea Was Arrested,” Qualia Nous.

Mather, Matthew “Enlightenment,” The End is Nigh.

Matheson, Michael “Jenny of the Long Gauge,” Fractured.

Matsuura, Thersa “The Spider Sweeper,” Black Static #41, July/August.

Maurer, Jason “In Your Dark…,” A Dark Phantastique.

McAllister, Bruce “La Signora,” Tor.com August 13.

McAllister, Bruce “The Witch Moth,” Fearful Symmetries.

McCammon, Robert “White,” RobertMcCammon.com

McDonald, Keris “Darkling I Listen,” Weird Tales 362.

McDonald, Keris “Under His Wing, Poor Thing,” Hauntings.

McGuire, Seanan “Spores,” The End is Nigh.

McGuire, Seanan “The Right of It,” (poem) Goblin Fruit winter.

McHugh, Maura “The Hanging Tree,” Black Static #38, January/February.

McIntosh, A. J. “Forth,” Strange Tales Volume IV.

McKenzie, Shane “Polaroid,” Mia Mojo.

McKiernan, Andrew J. “A Prayer for Lazarus,” Last Year, When We Were Young.

McMahon, Gary “Dull Fire” The Spectral Book of Horror Stories.

McMahon, Gary “Kaiju,” Fearful Symmetries.

McMahon, Gary “Only Bleeding,” Horror Uncut.

McMahon, Gary “Ready or Not,” Dangerous Games.

McMahon, Gary “The Night Just Got Darker,” Nightwatch Press.

McMahon, Gary “The Yellow Film,” In the Court of the Yellow King.

Meikle, William “Bedlam in Yellow,” In the Court of the Yellow King.

Meikle, William “Carnacki:Captain Gault’s Nemesis,” Carnacki: The New Adventures.

Meikle, William “No Sleep for the Just,” Sword and Mythos.

Mejía, Lynette “Terra Firma,” (poem) Goblin Fruit summer.

Meloy, Paul “Reclamation Yard,” Black Static #40 May/June.

Miller, Eric “Culling the Herd,” Hell Comes to Hollywood II.

Mills, Daniel “House of the Caryatids,” The Lord Came at Twilight.

Mohebali, Mahsa “My Own Marble Jesus,” Tehran Noir.

Monahan, Hilary “The Bone Man’s Bridge,” Dangerous Games.

Moore, Alison “Eastmouth,” The Spectral Book of Horror Stories.

Moore, James A. “Blank White Page,” SNAFU.

Moore, James A. “He Dreads the Cold,” Phantasm Japan.

Moore, Ralph Robert “Kebob Bob,” Black Static #39, March/April.

Moore, Ralph Robert “When They Come for You, They’ll…”Journeys into Darkness.

Moore, Ralph Robert & Cluley, Ray “The Space Between,”Shadows & Tall Trees 2014.

Moraine, Sunny “So Sharp That Blood Must Flow,” Lightspeed February.

Morgan, Christine “Little Johnny Jump-Up,” SNAFU.

Morgan, Christine “The Viking in Yellow,” In the Court of the Yellow King.

Morris, Mark “They Walk As Men,” Terror Tales of Yorkshire.

Morrison, Matthew J. “The Stain on the Lake,” Aurealis #70.
Nelson, David Erik “The Traveling Salesman Solution,” F&SF July/August.

Mudge, Faith “Twelve,” Phantazein.

Mullins, Ian “Into the Woods,” Hellfire Crossing volume 2.

Mulroy, Sean “Hypnos,” (poem) Glitterwolf Halloween Special.

Murrell, Neil “Rain Blush,” Lovecraft Ezine 33.

Nahrung, Jason “The Preservation Society,” Dimension XI, issue one.

Narayan, Shweta “Triumph XXI: Atman,” (poem) Goblin Fruit summer.

Naturale, Lauren “Her Last Appearance,” Phantasm Japan.

Ness, Mari “Death and Death Again,” Nightmare July #22.

Neugebauer, Annie “Hide,” Black Static #44, November/December.

Nicholls, Mark “The Other Man,” The Ghosts & Scholars 25.

Nickle, David “The Exorcist: A Love Story,” Knife Fight.

Nicolay, Scott “Phragmites,” Ana Kai Tangata.

Nicolay, Scott & Douthit-Nicolay, Jesse James“ Tenebrionidae,”The Children of Old Lee

Nikita, Seras “Bog Dog,” Nightmare December #27.

Niveau, Thana “The Curtain,” Far Voyager Postscripts 32/33.

Niveau, Thana “The Face,” Terror Tales of Wales.

Norris, Gregory L. “Malediction on a Gray Summer Morning,” Twisted Boulevard.

O’Neill, Patrick “The Westhoff Version,” Darkness Ad Infinitum.

Odell, Sandra M. “The Hydra Wife,” Jamais Vu Issue 1 winter.

Ogawa, Yukimi “In Her Head, In Her Eyes,” The Book Smugglers October.

Ogawa, Yukimi “Perfect,” The Dark #4, March.

Olausson, Elin “Scar,” Black Apples.

Older, Daniel José  “Anyway, Angie,” Tor.com, March 26.

Oldknow, Antony “Ruelle des Martyrs,” Supernatural Tales 26.

Oliver, Reggie “Absalom,” The Ghosts & Scholars Book of Shadow. #2.

Orphanides, K.G. “Burning Stars,” Lovecraft eZine 29.

Osborne, Emma “Clean Hands, Dirty Hands,” Aurealis #71.

Palmer, Suzanne “House Party,” Black Static #39, March/April.

Parenti, Dino “Chiaroscuro,” American Nightmare.

Parker, Zachery C. “Hearts of Women, Hearts of Men,” Shock Totem Valentine.

Parseliti, Daniels “Stabilization,” Stamps, Vamps & Tramps.

Patridge, L.T. “The Establishment of the Doctors Hamilton,” Lovecraft eZine 29.

Peek, Ben “In the Broken City,” Shimmer 18.

Penkas, Michael “Not Seen,” Dark Fuse volume 1.

Peploe, Sarah “Stella’s,” Hauntings.

Phillips, Adam “The Medicine Cabinet,” Disturbed Digest June.

Piccirilli, Tom “My Secret is the Faces in My Hands,” Dark Discoveries 27

Picirrilli, Tom “What I Am,” Streets of Shadows.

Pierce, Cameron “Help Me,” Letters to Lovecraft.

Pillsworth, Anne P. “The Madonna of the Abbatoir,” Tor.com May 6.

Pratt, Tim “Those Who Hunt Monster Hunters,” Phantasm Japan.

Prentiss, Norman “The Shell,” Four Zombies.

Pugmire, W. H. “To Dance Among Your Puppets,” Songs of the Satyrs.

Pugmire, W.H. “An Element of Nightmare,” Searchers After Horror.

Rabarts, Dan “Children of the Tide,” Midnight Echo March.

Rambo, Cat “All the Pretty Little Mermaids,” Asimov’s SF March.

Rambo, Cat “Rappacinni’s Crow,” Beneath Ceaseless Skies #151.

Rao, Dinesh “The Aerophone,” F&SF July/August.

Raven, Paul Graham “A Boardinghouse Heart,” Noir.

Rawlik, Peter “The Sepia Prints,” In the Court of the Yellow King.

Read, Sarah “Golden Avery,” Black Static #40 May/June.

Rega, Angela “The Bush Bride of Badgery Hollow,” Sq Mag 14/M ay.

Regalado, Becky “Longboat,” Darkness Ad Infinitum.

Reynolds, Josh “The Brigg’s Hill Path,” Songs of the Satyrs.

Robertson, S. Brackett The Dryad to the Woodcarver,” (poem) Niteblade 27.

Robins, Lane “The Black Window,” Nightmare July #22.

Rockwell, Marsheila and Mariotte, Jeffrey J. “John Barleycorn Must Die,” Out of Tune.

Runofson, J. C. “L’Inconnue de la Seine,” (poem) Coping.

Russell, Karen “Bad Graft,” The New Yorker, June 9th.

Russell, Karen “Sleep Donation,” (novella) Kindle single.

Russo, Patricia “In the Whiteness” Coping.

Rutledge, Charles R. “The Beautiful Lady Without Pity,” Widowmakers.

Saab, Sara “Be Light. Be Pure. Be Close to Heaven,” Black Static #42 Sept/Oct.

Salmonson, Jessica A. & Pugmire, W. H. “Underneath An Arkham Moon,” Black WiIII.

Samatar, Sofia “How to Get Back to the Forest,” Lightspeed March.

Samatar, Sofia “The Ogres of East Africa,” Long Hidden.

Samatar, Sofia “Walkdog,” Kaleidoscope.

Samuels, Mark “Alistair,” Written in Darkness.

Samuels, Mark “My World Has No Memories,” Written in Darkness.

Samuels, Mark “Outside Interference,” Written in Darkness.

SanGiovanni, Mary “Okiku,” Mia Mojo.

SanGiovanni, Mary “The Mime,” Lamplighter March.

Santoro, Lawrence “A Chittering in the Forest,” Bugs.

Schaller, Eric “The Glamour,” Kaleidotrope autumn.

Schaller, Eric “The Three Familiars,” The Dark #6.

Schanoes, Veronica “Among the Thorns,” Tor.com April 30.

Schillace, Brandy “Ghost Pine Lake,” Hauntings.

Schneyer, Kenneth “Levels of Observation,” Mythic Delirium 0.3.

Schwader, Ann K. “Dark Equinox,” Searchers After Horror.

Schwader, Ann K. “The Laundrymen,” (poem) Spectral Realms #1.

Schwader, Ann K. “The Queen’s Speech,” (poem) Lovecraft Ezine 30.

Schwaeble, Hank, “Phantom Hill,” Dark Discoveries 26.

Schweitzer, Darrell “Going to Ground” Searchers After Horror.

Schweitzer, Darrell “Hanged Man and Ghost,” Weird Fiction Review #5.

Schweitzer, Darrell “The Warm,” The Madness of Cthulhu.

Scott, Donna “The Grimoire,” Noir.

Shallcross, Leif “Music for an Ivory Violin,” Aurealis #74.

Shaw, Kendra Langford “Puffin Season,” Mid-American Review XXV, #1.

Shearman, Robert “Carry Within Some Small Sliver of Me” The Spectral Bk of Horror.

Shearman, Robert “Sounding Brass Tinkling Symbol,” They Do the SameThings Differ..

Shearman, Robert “Suffer Little Children,” Fearful Symmetries.

Shearman, Robert “The Monogamy of Wild Beasts,” Dangerous Games.

Sheen, Jonathan Andrew “The Shadow in the Corner,” F&SF May/June.

Sims, Maynard “I Hear His Footsteps Drawing Near,” Journeys into Darkness.

Skipp, John “Rose Goes Shopping,” Four Zombies.

Slatsky, Christopher “The Ocean is Eating Our Graves,” Innsmouth Magazine #15.

Slatter, Angela “Home and Hearth,” Spectral Press chapbook.

Slatter, Angela “Now, All Pirates Are Gone,” The Bitterwood Bible.

Slatter, Angela “Only the Dead and the Moonstruck, “Letters to Lovecraft.

Slatter, Angela “Terrible as an Army with Banners,” The Bitterwood Bible.

Slatter, Angela “The Badger Bride,” Strange Tales IV.

Slatter, Angela “The Burnt Moon,” The Bitterwood Bible.

Slatter, Angela “The Maiden in the Ice,” The Bitterwood Bible.

Slatter, Angela “The Night Stair, “ The Bitterwood Bible.

Slatter, Angela “The October Widow,” The Spectral Book of Horror Stories.

Smith, Clint “What About the Little One?” Ghouljaw and Other Stories.

Smith, David C. “Coven House,” Weird Tales 362.

Smith, Stephanie “What Do You Dream?” (poem) Disturbed Digest June.

Snyder, Lucy A. “Kudzu,” A Dark Phantastique.

Soini, Kat “Keep Me in a Hole,” (poem) Glitterwolf Halloween Special.

Spencer, William Browning “How The Gods Bargain,” The Madness of Cthulhu.

Sr., Pulver, Joseph S. “White Fire,” The Madness of Cthulhu.

Stableford, Brian “Further Beyond,” Black Wings III.

Steele, James L. “Whiteness” Bourbon Penn Issue 9.

Stenhouse, Meryl “No Home for Us,” Aurealis #76.

Stephen, Christopher M. “Shuffle,” Prison Noir.

Stewart, Andy “The New Cambrian,” F&SF January/February

Stinchcombe, Jan “The Woodsman,” Luna Station Quarterly #17.

Strantzas, Simon “Burnt Black Suns,” Burnt Black Suns.

Strantzas, Simon “On Ice,” Burnt Black Suns.

Strantzas, Simon “Thistle’s Find,” Black Wings III.

Strantzas, Simon “Youth’s Folly,” Dark Discoveries 29.

Straub, Peter “The Collected Short Stories of Freddie Prothero…”Conjunctions 62: Exile.

Stufflebeam, Bonnie Jo “The Damaged,” Interzone #250 January.

Stufflebeam, Bonnie Jo “Where You Come From” Three-Lobe Burning Eye #26.

Surface, David “Faces of the Missing,” Supernatural Tales 26.

Surface, David “Writings Found in a Red Notebook,” Shadows & Tall Trees 2014.

Suzuki, Koji “Beyond the Darkness,” Death and the Flower.

Suzuki, Koji “Key West,” Death and the Flower.

Taaffe, Sonya “Godfather Drosselmeyer,” (poem) Goblin Fruit winter.

Takács, Bogi “Spirit Forms of the Sea,” Sword and Mythos.

Tambour, Anna “The Walking-stick Forest,” Tor.com May 21.

Tarry, Chris “Nennorluk Goes Down Deep,” On Spec #96 spring.

Taylor, Lucy “A Respite for the Dead,” chapbook Omnium Gatherum.

Taylor, Lucy “Soul Eaters,” Fatal Journeys.

Taylor, Lucy “Summerland,” Fatal Journeys.

Taylor, Lucy “The High and the Mighty and Me,” Fatal Journeys.

Tem, Melanie “Cantata,” The Madness of Cthulhu.

Tem, Steve Rasnic “A House By the Ocean,” Here with the Shadows.

Tem, Steve Rasnic “Est Enim Magnum Chaos,” Here with the Shadows.

Tem, Steve Rasnic “G is for Ghost,” Here with the Shadows.

Tem, Steve Rasnic “The Hanged Man,” Black Static #40 May/June.

Tem, Steve Rasnic “The Still, Cold Air,” Here with the Shadows.

Thomas, Jeffrey “Snake Wind,” The Children of Old Leech.

Thomas, Leah “The Driveway,” Black Static #41, July/August.

Thomas, Llinos Cathryn “The Flock,” Luna Station Quarterly #17.

Thomas, Richard “Asking for Forgiveness,” Menacing Hedge Summer.

Thompson, Tade “Honourable Mention,” Dangerous Games.

Tidhar, Lavie “Die,” Dangerous Games.

Tidhar, Lavie “Selfies,” Tor.com September 17.

Tiedemann, Mark W. “By Other Names,” Gravity Box.

Tobler, E. Catherine “And After the Fire, a Still Small Voice,” Sword and Mythos.

Tobler, E. Catherine “Migratory Patterns of Underground Birds,” Clarkesworld 92.

Tobler, E. Catherine “Pithing Needle,” Clarkesworld 97.

Tobler, E. Catherine “We As One, Trailing Embers,” Beneath Ceaseless Skies #147.

Tolbert, Jeremiah “Wet Fur,” Asimov’s Science Fiction August.

Tom, Laurie “Unfilial Child,” Streets of Shadows.

Tonso, K.M. “Last Rites,” The Madness of Cthulhu.

Tregillis, Ian “Testimony of Samuel Frobisher….” F&SF July/August.

Tremblay, Paul “————” Letters to Lovecraft.

Tremblay, Paul “Notes for ‘The Barn in the Wild,’” The Children of Old Leech

Tugwell, Graham “Women Who Go Down in Fives,” Postscripts to Darkness 5.

Turzillo, Mary “Funeral Rite,” (poem) Sweet Poison.

Tyson, Donald “The Dog Handler’s Tale,” The Madness of Cthulhu.

Tyson, Donald “Waller,” Black Wings III.

Ueda, Sayuri (tran. Jim Hubbert) “The Street of Fruiting Bodies,” Phantasm Japan.

Underberg, Tom “Sir Pagan’s Gift,” F&SF September/October.

Unsworth, Emma Jane “Smoke,” Poor Souls’ Light.

Unsworth, Simon Kurt “Hotel Guest,” Strange Gateways.

Unsworth, Simon Kurt “The Private Ambulance,” Noir.

Urbanski, Debbie “Devotion,” The Southern Review autumn.

Valentine, Genevieve “Dream Houses,” (novella) WSFA Press.

Valentine, Mark “Goat Songs,” Songs of the Satyrs.

Valentine, Mark “Seaweed Tea,” Dreams of Shadow and Smoke.

Venturini, Fred “Gasoline,” Burnt Tongues.

Vincent, Nik “The Stranger Cards,” Dangerous Games.

Volk, Stephen “Matilda of the Night,” Terror Tales of Wales.

Volk, Stephen “Newspaper Heart,” The Spectral Book of Horror Stories.

Waggoner, Tim “This is Not a Horror Story,” Equilibrium Overturned.

Walker, Lindsey “Enwreathed,” (poem) Goblin Fruit summer.

Wallace, Elsa “A Tale from Kildonan,” The Ghosts & Scholars Book of Shadows #2.

Walters, Damien Angelica “A Lie You Give, and Thus I Take,” Lightspeed December.

Walters, Damien Angelica “This Is the Way I Die,” Nightmare May #20.

Walters, Damien Angelica “U is for Umbrella,” A is for Apocalypse.

Wandless, William H. “Doorways,” Supernatural Tales 28.

Ward, C.E. “11334,” The Ghosts & Scholars Book of Shadows volume 2.

Warren, Kaaron “Bridge of Sighs,” Fearful Symmetries.

Warren, Kaaron “The Nursery Corner,” Fearsome Magics.

Warren, Kaaron “The Optimist,” The Many Faces of Anthony Cardno,

Warrick, Douglas F. “The Man Who Has Been Killing Kittens,” Streets of Shadows.

Watt, D. P. “14ml of Matt Enamel #61,” The Phantasmagorical Imperative.

Watt, D. P. “By Nature’s Power Enshrined,” The Phantasmagorical Imperative.

Webb, David “A Handful of Dust, “ Hauntings.

Webb, Janeen “Lady of the Swamp,” Death at the Blue Elephant.

Weber, Nancy “Might Have Been,” Ad Parnassum.

Wehunt, Michael “Onanon,” Shadows & Tall Trees 2014.

Wehunt, Michael “Stabat Mater,” Shock Totem #8.

Weighell, Ron “Now Feel That Pulse No More,” Summonings.

Weiss, Buck “The Magician’s Study,” Carnacki: The New Adventures.

Weiter, Bear “Words Unbound,” Of Devils and Deviants.

Wickliff, Dot “Love Grudge,” (poem) Darkness Ad Infinitum.

Wiewiora, Chris “Way Out,” Thin Air #24.

Wild, Lilah “W is for Water,” A is for Apocalypse.

Wilkinson, Charles “Hidden in the Alphabet,” Shadows & Tall Trees 2014.

Williams, Conrad “Shaddertown,” Shadows & Tall Trees 2014.

Willis, Suzanne “The Psychometrist,” Far Voyager Postscripts 32/33.

Willis, Suzanne J. “Rag and Bone Heart,” Phantazein.

Willis, Suzanne J. “When the Sea is Blue…” Luna Station Quarterly #17.

Wilson, Kai Ashante “The Devil in America,” Tor.com, April 2.

Wise, A. C. “Chasing Sunset,” Whispers from the Abyss.

Wise, A. C. “Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife,” Shimmer 21.

Wise, A.C. “And the Carnival Leaves Town,” Nightmare Carnival.

Wong, Alyssa “Scarecrow,” Black Static #42, September/October.

Wong, Alyssa “The Fisher Queen,” F&SF May/June.

Wood, N. Lee “Scapegoats,” Nightmare Carnival.

Wytovich, Stephanie M. “Eventually, You Become Immune,” Jamais Vu Issue 1 winter.

Wytovich, Stephanie M. “Knot Undone,” (poem) Mourning Jewelry.

Wytovich, Stephanie M. “Lullabye,” (poem) Mourning Jewelry.

Wytovich, Stephanie M. “Naked for Neptune,” (poem) Mourning Jewelry.

Wytovich, Stephanie M. “The Women,” (poem) Mourning Jewelry.

Zebedee, Jo “Silver Threads of Coralline,” Malevolence.

Zelanyj, Alexander “Forevermore Yours, the Hatred Chord,” Songs for the Lost.

Zelanyj, Alexander “Maria, Here Come the Death Angels,” Ibid.


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