Honorable mentions from 2013 (Best Horror #6)-including those not in the print book

I was just reminded that I never published this. Some readers might find it useful to see the range of publications that are publishing worthwhile horror stories. Although this list is long, it’s a tiny percentage of the stories I actually read. So if you find your story and name on this list, that’s a good thing.

I’ll do it in a few batches.

Abbott, Megan “My Heart Is Either Broken,” Dangerous Women.

Adams, Andrew Wade “Lou Reed Sings…,” In Heaven, Everything is Fine.

Addison, Linda “Finding the Great Dream of Hell,” (poem) Four Elements.

Allan, Nina “B-Side,” Stardust.

Allan, Nina “The Gateway,” Stardust.

Allan, Nina “The Nightingale,” Black Static #34.

Allan, Nina “Vivian Guppy and the Brighton Belle,”(novella) Rustblind and Silverbright.
Allen, Mike “The Fox Smiled, Famished,” (poem) Goblin Fruit fall.

Anderson, Colleen “Red is the Color of My True Love’s Blood,” Deep Cuts.

Anderton, Joanne “Fence Lines,” The Bone Chime Song.

Anderton, Joanne “Mah Song,” The Bone Chime Song.

Anderton, Joanne and Gale, Rabia “Sand and Seawater,” One Small Step.

Antosca, Nick “Burial Grounds,” Exotic Gothic 5 Volume I.

Ashe, Paula D. “The Mother of All Monsters” Serial Killers Iterum.

Ashley, Allen & Thompson, Douglas “The Key to Harry,” Memoryville Blues.

Ashley, Garrett “Brother Swine,” Asimov’s Science Fiction March.

Atkins, Peter & Hirshberg, Glen “Cranley Gardens, SW7,” The Imposter’s Monocle.

Atkins, Peter “Postcards From Abroad,” The Imposter’s Monocle.

Bacon, Stephen “Pseudonym,” Anatomy of Death.

Bacon, Stephen “What Grief Can Do,” Crimewave #12.

Bailey, Dale “The Bluehole,” F&SF May/June.

Bailey, Dale “This Is How You Disappear,” F&SF January/February.

Bailey, Michael “Primal Tongue,” Zippered Flesh 2.

Barber, Richard Farren “Aftershock,” Morpheus Tales XXII.

Barber, Richard Farren “Thrall,” Miseria’s Chorale.

Barron, Laird “Ardor,” Suffered From the Night.

Barron, Laird “Black Dog,” Halloween.

Barron, Laird “Blood & Stardust,” The Mad  Scientist’s Guide to World Domination.

Barron, Laird “LD50,” Weaponized. April 22.

Barron, Laird “Nemesis,” Primeval 1, summer/fall.

Barron, Laird “Slave Arm,” Blood Type.

Barron, Laird “Termination Dust,” Tales of Jack the Ripper.

Barron, Laird “The Beatification of Custer Poe,” Shades of Blue & Gray.

Bear, Elizabeth “The Governess,” Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells.

Belcher, R. S. “Hollow Moments,” Deep Cuts.

Bell, Helena “Entropy,” Surreal South ’13.

Bell, Helena “Variations on Bluebeard and …,” Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 76.

Bell, Peter “The Island of One Sheep,” The Ghosts & Scholars newsletter 24.

Bell, Peter “The True Edge of the World,” Shadows Edge.

Belte, Nicole “B” The Journal of Unlikely Entomology #5, May.

Bennardo, M. “Thing in a Bag,” Shock Totem 7.

Beorh, Scathe meic “Pinprick,” Deep Cuts.

Berger, Paul M. “Good Deaths,” Zombies: Shambling Through the Ages.

Berman, Steve “The Letter That Doomed Nosferatu,” Suffered from the Night.

Berman Steve “Feeding Desire,” Ghosts in Gaslight, Monsters in Steam.

Bestwick, Simon “The Model,” The Condemned.

Bickle, Laura “From Dust,” Halloween.

Black, Holly “Millcara, “ Rags & Bones.

Blackford, Jenny “Hungry as Living Sorrow,” (poem) SFpoetry.com.

Block, Lawrence “I Know How to Pick To Pick ‘Em,” Dangerous Women.

Boatman, Michael “Born Again,” Eulogies II.

Bolander, Brooke “The Beasts of the Earth, the Madness of Men,” Nightmare  #14, Nov.

Bonehill, L. R. “Vent,” Horror Without Victims.

Bontol-Pfister Renelaine “Education by Ate Flora,” Horror: Filipino Fiction for Y Adults.

Boof, Kola “The Sweet Virgin Meat,” Exotic Gothic 5 Volume II.

Boston, Bruce “Born a Royal Beast,” (poem) Stoker Awards/HWA Con. Souvenir Book.

Boston, Bruce, “Never Take a Taxi in the Shadow…,”(poem)Paper Crow spring/summer.

Bourelle, Andrew “What It Means to Love,” Arcane II.

Bourke, Liz “Image from a Postcard Sketched…,” (poem) Goblin Fruit fall.

Bourke, Liz “Katabasis,”  (poem) Mythic Delirium issue 0.2.

Bovenmyer, Karen “Failsafe,” The Crimson Pact volume 5.

Bowes, Rick “Seven Days of Poe,” Where Thy Darkest Eye Glances.

Boyd, Jacob A. “No Kill, No Pay,” Black Static #36.

Bradley, James “Catspaw,” Aurealis #60.

Braunbeck, Gary A. “What Was Once Bone,” Eulogies II.

Brenchley, Chaz “Like Quicksilver for Gold,” Shades of Blue & Gray.

Broaddus, Maurice “A Soldier’s Story,” Vampires Don’t Sparkle.

Broaddus, Maurice “Being in the Shadow,” Appalachian Undead.

Broaddus, Maurice “Cerulean Memories,” The Book of the Dead.

Brown, Kevin “The Final Float,” Albedo One #43.

Bruce, Georgina “the Art of Flying,” Mythic Delirium issue 0.2.

Buchan, David, “Little John’s Grave,” Horror Express 4.

Buresh, David Gordon “The Devil’s Eyes,” On Spec #91.

Burke, Kealan Patrick “Mother Nature,” Cemetery Dance #69.

Cacek, P. D. “The Good Wife,” Cemetery Dance #70.

Cade, O. J. “Burning Green,” Aurealis #66.

Cadigan, Pat “Chalk” This is Horror.

Cadin, Seth “Unhallowed Ground,” Suffered from the Night.

Campbell, Ramsey “Behind the Doors,” Holes for Faces.

Campbell, Ramsey “Find My Name,” Fearie Tales.

Campbell, Ramsey “Holes for Faces,” Holes for Faces.

Campion, Harry “The Heartsmith’s Daughters,” F&SF July/August.

Carroll, Siobhan “The Correspondence Between the Governess and….,”Lightspeed Dec.

Caselberg, Jay “The Track,” End of the Road.

Casson, Tim “Dust Storms,” Black Static #33.

Castle, Chris “The Unknown, Shadow Masters.

Castleberry, Traci “My Arms Are Hungry,” Suffered from the Night.

Cataneo, Emily B.  “A Guide to Etiquette and Comportment…,” Chiral Mad 2.

Cevasco, Christopher M. “No More Amongst the Cities of …” Shades of Blue and Gray.

Chambers, James “Lost Daughters,” Deep Cuts.

Chambers, James Mnemonicide,” Chiral Mad 2.

Chinn, Mike “Cheechee’s Out,” Second City Scares.

Chinn, Mike “Give Me the Moments Back,” Unspoken Water #4.

Chislett, Michael “The Middle Park,” Supernatural Tales 25.

Cipri, Nicole “Ecysis,” The Journal of Unlikely Entomology #5, May.

Clark, Chloe N. “Who Walks Beside You,” Supernatural Tales 25.

Clark, G.O. “Scarecrow,” (poem) Scenes Along the Zombie Highway.

Clark, G.O. “Seasons of the Living Dead,” (poem) Scenes Along the Zombie Highway.

Clark, G.O. “Two Drink Minimum,” (poem) Scenes Along the Zombie Highway.

Clark, G.O. “Zombie Loner,” (poem) Scenes Along the Zombie Highway.

Cluley, Ray “Afterword,” After Death….

Cluley, Ray “The Festering,” Black Static #36.

Cluley, Ray “The Man Who Was,” Where Thy Dark Eye Glances.

Cluley, Ray “Where the Dark is Deepest,” For the Night is Dark.

Cluley, Ray “Whispers in the Mist,” Shadows & Tall Trees #5.

Cockle, Kevin “Palimpsest,” On Spec #91.

Conlon, Christopher “Grace,” The Oblivion Room.

Connolly, Lawrence C. “Pumpkin Head Escapes,” Halloween.

Conquest, Lawrence “Big in Japan,” Three-Lobed Burning Eye 23.

Conyers, David and Goodrich, John “The Masked Messenger,” Lovecraft E-zine #22.

Cook, Garrett “ Beast with Two Backs,” In Heaven, Everything is Fine.

Cooney, C.S. “Voyage to a Distant Star,” Mythic Delirium 0.1.

Cooney, C.S. E. “What is Owed,” (poem) Goblin Fruit summer.

Cooper, James “Man’s Ruin,” Memoryville Blues.

Cooper, James “Night Fishing,” Crimewave #12.

Cooper, James “Stray Dogs,” Black Static  #33.

Coulthard, Andrew “The Keeper,” Rustblind and Silverlight.

Cowdrey, Albert E. “Hell for Company,” F&SF, November/December.

Cozzoli, J. M. “Tommy Boy,” Shadow Master.

Crammond, Jill “Against Hand-Me-Downs,” (poem) Paper Crow spring/summer.

Crisp, Quentin S. “The Gwyllgi of the Lost Lanes,” Defeated Dogs.

Crow, Jennifer “Anna They Have Killed,” (poem) Mythic Delirium issue 0.2.

Crow, Jennifer “for eternity, for death,” (poem) The First Bite of the Apple.

Crow, Jennifer “Fresh Wonders,” (poem) The First Bite of the Apple.

Crow, Jennifer “Her Monstrous Kiss,” (poem) The First Bite of the Apple.

Crow, Jennifer “The Binder and the Bound,” (poem) The First Bite of the Apple.

Crow, Jennifer “The First Bite of the Apple,” (poem) The First Bite of the Apple.

Crow, Jennifer “The Girl Who Loved Death,” (poem) The First Bite of the Apple.

Crow, Jennifer “The Haunted Crown,” (poem) The First Bite of the Apple.

Crowther, Peter “Mister Mellor Comes to Wayside,” Psycho-Mania.

Crowther, Peter “The Artemis Line,” Fearie Tales.

Cushing, Nicole “The Company Town,” The Grimscribe’s Puppets.

Daniel, Tony “Frog Water,” In Space No One Can Hear You Scream.

Dann, Jack “Waiting for Medusa,” Asimov’s SF October/November.

Davis, Amanda C. “The Scry Mirror,” What Fate Imposes.

Dawson, S. J. “The Tape,” A Killer Among Demons.

Dawson, Sam “Man Under,” Supernatural Tales 24.

Dearborn, Kristin “Coffee Rings,” Midnight Echo #9.


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