Artist Sites

Jane Andrews has some terrific looking surrealist art on her page.

Alessandro Bavari is an incredibly talented photographic artist judging from the gallery on his website. The images are eerie and sometimes influenced by Bosch but with their own twist.

Rick Berry and Darrel Anderson, known for their fantasy and horror illustration work, show their stuff on this gorgeous website.

Kelli Bickman’s is the website of an extraordinarly talented artist and photographer. I own some of her work and it can be seen on my site.

Alan M. Clark is a versatile and talented artist best known for his macabre work. Clark has produced a number of books that combine his illustrations with thefiction of professional writerfriends.

Judith Clute is a talented Canadian artist who has lived in the UK for many years. Her art, which oftens contains elements of the surreal and the fantastic has illustrated stories in Interzone and book jackets.

The Salvador Dali Exhibit in Tampa, Florida, displays some of the most famous of Salvador Dali’s paintings. It also has a good gift shop with melting watches and other pieces of jewelry emblematic of the most famous surrealist.

Simon Duric is a talented artist of the macabre whose powerful work has been used in Cemetery Dance andThe Third Alternative, as well as on book covers for Prime Books.

Endicott Studio is a beautiful and rich art and literature site created by writer/artist/editor Terri Windling. It includes poetry by such friends as Ellen Kushner and Charles de Lint; essays by Terri about myth and fairy tales; an art gallery of her own work plus work by her friends Alan Lee, Thomas Canty, and Brian Froud; and more.

Camille Rose Garcia is a graphic novelist who is a wonderful artist. Her work is morbid, colorful, and I want one of her pieces! If any one has a stray $15,000 for me, let me know so I can buy one of her originals. is the official home page of the acclaimed Swiss surrealist artist, who is a painter, sculptor, architect and designer. Giger is best-known as the originator of the unique Biomechanical Style and the creator of the “Alien” lifeforms.

Brad Holland is a talented surrealist whose illustrations have been in magazines, on book covers, and posters. His work is colorful and often playful.

The Web site for Miles Hyman features the slightly askew art of this grandson of Shirley Jackson. Shades of Maxfield Parrish and Chris Van Allsburg.

Jessica Joslin creates creatures out of bone, old jewelry fixings, and who knows what else? I want one! And so might you, after checking out her website.

Rick Lieder has been creating intriguing and disturbing horror art for several years. Here are samples.

Richard Marchand, whose art has graced the UK magazine TTA has a beautiful site with a gallery.

Morpheus is a major publisher of fine, fantastic art. Their stable includes such artists as H. R. Giger, Jacek Yerka (winner of the World Fantasy Award), and Wayne D. Barlowe.

The New York Public Library Digital Gallery is a magnificent new site that provides access to over 275,000 images digitized from primary sources and printed rarities in the collections of The New York Public Library, including illuminated manuscripts, historical maps, vintage posters, rare prints and photographs, illustrated books, printed ephemera, and more.

Michael Parkes is a fantasist whose work was often used for the covers and interiors of OMNI Magazine’s early years. His art is beautiful and whimsical, with acrobats, manimals, and winged creatures inhabiting alien landscapes.

If you are looking for disturbing marionettes Scott Radke may have just what you’re looking for.

Joseph Reed is a very fine artist with a great sense of humor–how else could he be married for so many years to writer Kit Reed? He creates alphabets of Hollywood movie icons, of key events in the life of Edgar Allan Poe, insect alphabets, and others. He also satires Americana with his Custer series, placing General George Custer into the artist’s depictions of historical and non-historical events (the Boston race riots in the 1980s, a family picnic.)

Beth Robinson makes and sells very strange dolls.

Robin Schwartz is an amazing photographer of animals and children, sometimes together. The photos of her daughter Amelia with various animals are especially good.