My long list of HMs for The Best Horror of the Year volume 8 (pt 1)


Aickman, Robert “ The Coffin House,” The Strangers.

Aickman, Robert “ The Strangers,” (novella) The Strangers.

Allan, Nina “A Change of Scene,” Aickman’s Heirs.

Allen, Mike “Sad Wisps of Empty Smoke,” (poem) Van Gogh’s Ear Anthology, Jan.

Anderton, Joanne “2B,” Insert Title Here.

Apter, Andrew “ The Man Who Loved Flies,” Strange Tales V.

Arkenberg, Megan “And This is the Song it Sings,” Nightmare, August #35.

Arkenberg, Megan “What Hands Like Our Can Do,” The Dark #10.

Ashe, Paula D. “Carry On, Carrion,” Eulogies III.

Avery, Simon “Going Back to the World,” Black Static #44.

Bacon, Stephen “Bandersnatch,” Black Static #48.

Bacon, Stephen “It Came from the Ground,” Darkest Minds.

Bacon, Stephen “The Cambion,” Cemetery Dance #72.

Baker, Matthew “Proof of the Monsters,” Conjunctions:64 Natural Causes.

Balder, Bo “A House of Her Own,” F&SF Sept/October.

Ballingrud, Nathan “The Visible Filth,” (novella) This is Horror! Chapbook.

Balog, Jonathan “Stay Away from the Accordion Girl,” Chilling Ghost Short Stories.

Barnhill, Kelly “Those Who Remain,” Breakout, Postscripts 34/35.

Barron, Laird “Don’t Make Me Assume My Ultimate Form,” Cthulhu Fhtagn!

Barron, Laird “Fear Sun, Innsmouth Nightmares.

Barron, Laird “Strident Caller,” Whispers from the Abyss 2.

Barron, Laird “The Blood in My Mouth,” The Madness of Cthulhu Two.

Barron, Laird “We Smoke the Northern Lights,” The Gods of H.P. Lovecraft.

Bartlett, Matthew M. “Rangel,” Dim Shores July.

Bartlett, Thomas St. John “Cheap Medicine,” Rolling Darkness Review 2015.

Baxter, Alan “The Chart of the Vagrant Mariner,” F&SF January/February.

Beck, Zeina Hashem “Terror/Mathematics,” (poem) One Throne Magazine February.

Bennett, Toby “Sacrament of Tears,” African Monsters.

Bestwick, Simon “Horn of the Hunter,” The Second Spectral Book of Horror Stories.

Birch, David “Spinnentier,” Creeping Crawlers.

Blackwell, Laura “Bitter Perfume,” She Walks in Shadows.

Boston, Bruce “A Trader on the Border of the Mutant Rain Forest,” Daily SF August.

Boston, Bruce “She Walks in Yellow to Please Her Lord,” (poem) Star*Line, summer.

Bowes, Richard “The Duchess and the Ghost,” Fantasy 29, Queers Destroy Fantasy.

Bradley, Andrea “Opportunity Knocks,” Phobos #3.

Braunbeck, Gary A. “Paper Cuts,” Seize the Night.

Brazos, Rhoads “Omniscopic,” Death’s Realm.

Bright, Matthew “Golden Hair, Red Lips,” Queers Destroy Horror.

Broaddus, Maurice “Dance of Bones,” Walkers with the Dawn.

Brown, Rebecca L. “Her Mother’s Fur,” Mark of the Beast.

Bruce, Sadie “Little Girls in Bone Museums,” F&SF March/April.

Bryant, Edward “Marginal Ha’nts,” Nightmares Unhinged.

Bulkin, Nadia “Seven Minutes in Heaven,” Aickman’s Heirs.

Bulkin, Nadia “Violet is the Color of Your Energy,” She Walks in Shadows.

Burton, Tara Isabella “The Taxidermist’s Tale,” Strange Tales V.

Cacek, P.D. “Memento,” LampLight September.

Cadieux, Keith “Donner Party,” Canada Noir.

Cadigan, Pat “Chilling,” Horrorology.

Cadigan, Pat “In Case of Zebras” The Doll Collection.

Callaghan, Tina “The Underfolk,” October Dreams II.

Cameron, Dana “Whiskey and Light,” Seize the Night.

Campbell, J.R. “To One Table,” Professor Challenger: New Worlds, Lost Places.

Campbell, Ramsey “Her Face,” The Burning Maiden 2.

Carpenter, Dustin “Diamond Widow,” Nightmares Unhinged.

Carroll, Mark “Teeth,” Not Your Average Monster.

Cataneo, Emily B. “Hungry Ghosts,” Black Static #45.

Cato, Beth “The City,” (poem) Mythic Delirium October-December.

Chambers, Selena “The Neurastheniac,” Cassilda’s Song.

Chaon, Dan and Barry, Lynda “Mrs. Popkin,” Seize the Night.

Chislett, Michael “The Changelings,” In the City of Ghosts.

Chizmar, Richard “Last Words,” The Burning Maiden 2.

Cisco, Michael “Infestations,” ,” Aickman’s Heirs.

Clark, Stephen “Lithe Tenant,” Soliloquy for Pan.

Cluley, Ray “Knock-Knock,” Probably Monsters.

Cluley, Ray “Mary, Mary,” The Second Spectral Book of Horror Stories.

Coates, Justin “Breach,” Chilling Horror Short Stories.

Cole, Adrian “Running with the Tide,” Creeping Crawlers.

Coleman, Emma “The Glasshouse,” Breakout, Postscripts 34/35.

Comtois, Pierre V. “Second Death,” Beyond the Mountains of Madness.

Congreve, Bill ‘The Pit,” Cthulhu: Deep Down Under.

Connelly, John “Razorshins,” Black Static #47/Night Music.

Connelly, John “The Blood of the Lamb,” Night Music.

Connelly, John “The Lamia,” Night Music.

Constantine, Storm “From the Cold Dark Sea,” Dreams from the Witch House.

Cooper, James “Coffee, Black,” Human Pieces.

Cooper, James “Forever Boys,” Breakout, Postscripts 34/35.

Cooper, James “Texas,” Human Pieces.

Cooper, James “The River Remembers,” Human Pieces.

Corner, Jason “Letters to Logroth,” The Big Bad II.

Cornford, Laurence J. “Gedney,” Beyond the Mountains of Madness.

Cotronis, George “Blackbird Lullabye,” XIII.

Cotter, John “After the Storm,” New Genre, spring, issue 7.

Cottier, PS “The Fruit of Her Hands,” (poem) Midnight Echo 11.

Couzens, Gary “Dog’s Life,” Out Stack and Other Places.

Cowdrey, Albert E. “Portrait of a Witch,” F&SF January/February.

Cowdrey, Albert E. “The Laminated Man,” F&SF May/June.

Craddock, Brian “The Angel of Isisford,” Midian Unmade.

Daniel, Tony “Hell Hounds,” Onward, Drake.

Dawson, Sam “The Weathervane,” The Eleventh Black Book of Horror.

De Burgh, Dave-Brendan “Taraab and Terror in Zanzibar,” African Monsters.

De Nikolits, Lisa “Eve Ago,” Postscripts to Darkness 6.

de Pierres, Marianne “Salvatrix,” Insert Title Here.

Dembo, Arinn “Memphre-Magog,” Gods, Memes and Monsters.

Denmark, Sean “In the Stairwell,” Jersey Devil Press.

Devenport, Emily “Dr. Polingyouma’s Machine,” Uncanny Issue #3.

Devlin, Malcolm “Taximan Rat,” Gods, Memes and Monsters.

Devlin, Malcolm “Two Brothers,” Aickman’s Heirs.

Doig, James “Malware,” Friends of the Dead.

Doig, James “The Land Where Fairies Linger,” Friends of the Dead.

Downum, Amanda “Spore,” Dreams from the Witch House.

Drake, Ennis “We Can Only Become Monsters,” Giallo Fantastique.

Dreadful, Jilly “De Deabus Minorbus Exterioris Theomagicae” She Walks in Shadows.

Due, Tananarive “Vanishings,” Ghost Summer.

Duffy, Frank “Transfers,” Hungry Celluloid.

Duffy, Steve “Even Clean Hands Can Do Damage,” Supernatural Ta, 30, Autumn.

Eckhardt, Jason C. “The Hollow Sky” The Madness of Cthulhu Two.

Edie, Elise Fornier “You-Go-Back,” Strange Tales V.

Edwards, Malon “The Half Dark Promise,” Shimmer 23 January.

Elliott, Tobin “Prison Break,” Expiration Date.

Emelumadu, Chikodili “Bush Baby,” African Monsters.

Emelumadu, Chikodili “Soup,” One Throne Magazine June.

Etchison, Dennis “Don’t Move,” F&SF Sept/October.

Evans, Julia “Adam, and Laura,” Black Candies Surveillance.

Evenson, Brian “Any Corpse,” Penumbrae.

Evenson, Brian “Seaside Town,” Aickman’s Heirs.

Fahey, Tracy “Under the Whitethorn,” Faed.

Fahey, Tracy “Walking the Borderlines,” Darkest Minds.

Fawver, Kurt “Marrowvale,” The Second Spectral Book of Horror Stories.

Fennell, Megan “Kakashi and Crow,” Scarecrow.

Ferraz, Rafaela F. “The Lady of the House of Mirrors,” Daughters of Frankenstein.

Ferrell, Keith “Be Seated,” Nightmares Unhinged.

Files, Gemma “Calving” (poem) Spectral Realms 2.

Files, Gemma “Every Hole in the Earth We Will Claim..”Dreams from the Witch House.

Files, Gemma “Guising,” October Dreams II.

Files, Gemma “Hairwork,” She Walks in Shadows.

Files, Gemma “Twilight State,” Genius Loci.

Fischer, Jason “The Dog Pit,” Cthulhu: Deep Down Under.

Fleming, Patrick “A Nothingale,” Canada Noir.

Fletcher, Tom “Desert Stories,” Congregation of Innocents.

Fletcher, Tom “The Home,” Chapbook. Nightjar Press.

Flinthart, Dirk “A Friend in the Trade,” Striking Fire.

Ford, Jeffrey “The Thyme Fiend,” March 11.

Ford, Jeffrey “Word Doll,” The Doll Collection.

Forman, K. Scott “The Stranger Within,” Old Scratch and Owl Hoots.

Forth, John “Molli & Julli,” The Eleventh Black Book of Horror.

Fortier, Mary Genevieve “In Stately Pious Prayer, “ (poem) Ghosts Revenge.

Foster, John C. “Burial Suit,” Death’s Realm.

Franks, Jason “Darkness Beyond,” Cthulhu: Deep Down Under.

Fultz, John R. “Anno Domini Azathoth,” That Is Not Dead.

Futter, Ian “The Writer,” (poem) Spectral Realms 2.

Gallagher, Siobhan “You Are Dead, Sir,” Phobos #3.

Gallagher, Steve “Heroes and Villains,” The Doll Collection.

Gavin, Richard “Neithernor,” Aickman’s Heirs.

German, Wade “Occult Agency,” (poem) Spectral Realms 2.

Gerrold, David “Monsieur,” F&SF Sept/October.

Glover, J. T. “Hunger Full and Lean,” The Lovecraft eZine 34.

Glover, John “Mercy’s Armistice,” Big Bad II.

Golaski, Adam “Wild Dogs,” Supernatural Tales, 30, Autumn.

Goodfellow, Cody “Garden of the Gods,” Beyond the Mountains of Madness.

Goodfellow, Cody “Purity Ball,” Flesh Like Smoke.

Goodfellow, Cody “Red Americans,” Whispers from the Abyss 2.

Goodfellow, Cody “The Anatomy Lesson,” The Madness of Cthulhu.

Goodfellow, Cody “The Green Revolution,” Cthulhu Fhtagn!

Gorman, Amelia “Bring the Moon to Me,” She Walks in Shadows.

Grant, Helen “30” Supernatural Tales 30, Autumn.

Grau, T.E. Mr. Lupus,” Mark of the Beast.

Gray, Amelia “Away From,” Gutshot.

Gray, Amelia “Gentleman,” Gutshot.

Gregorio, Michael “Kosher,” The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper.

Gresh, Lois “Werewolf Root Canal,” Mark of the Beast.

Gresh, Lois H. “Of Queens and Pawns,” That is Not Dead.

Grey, Orrin “Guignol,” The Burning Maiden 2.

Grey, Orrin “Painted Monsters,” Painted Monsters.

Grey, Orrin “Programmed to Receive,” Resonator.

Grey, Orrin “Strange Beast,” Painted Monsters.

Grey, Orrin “The Red Church,” Giallo Fantastique.

Grifant, K. C. “What the Storm Brings,” The Lovecraft eZine 34.

Gross, Dave “The Wendigo,” Gods, Memes and Monsters.

Guignard, Eric “Car Trip Bingo,” SQ Mag 22.

Guignard, Eric J. “Last Night,” Mark of the Beast.

Haber, Karen “On the Shores of Destruction,” The Madness of Cthulhu Two.

Halsall, Rachel “Hunting,” Wild Things.

Halterman, Adam “Broads and Batwings,” Phobos #3.

Hannett, Lisa L. “A Shot of Salt Water,” The Dark #8.

Hannett, Lisa L. “Consorting with Filth,” Blurring the Line.

Hannett, Lisa L. “The Canary,” The Dark #10.

Hanson, Michael H. “Dusty Tears,” (poem) Dark Parchments.

Hanson, Michael H. “Flock of Angels,” (poem) Dark Parchments.

Hargadon, Stephen “The Toilet,” Black Static #49.


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