My long list of HMs for The Best Horror of the Year volume 8 (pt 3)

Patrick, Den “Blood in the Water,” Sharkpunk.
Petrie, Simon “Like a Boojum,” Aurealis #77.
Polson, Aaron “Nine,” Death’s Realm.
Pugmire, W. H. & Barker, David “In the Gulfs of Dream,” In the Gulfs of Dream…
Pugmire, W.H. “Old Time Entombed,” That Is Not Dead.
Pugmire, W.H. “Sonnets of an Eldritch Bent,” Weirdbook 31.
Pulver Sr., Joseph S. “Desert Highway Motel,” A House of Hollow Wounds.
Pulver, Sr. Joseph S. “Caroline No. Bleue,”A House of Hollow Wounds.
Pulver, Sr., Joseph S. “Saturday Night..with a Dead Girl in It,”A HouseofHollowWounds.
Rabarts, Dan “Oil and Bone,” Insert Title Here.
Rabinowitz, Rosanne “Meat, Motion and Light,” The Outsiders.
Rabinowitz, Rosanne “The Lady in the Yard,” Soliloquy for Pan.
Rainey, Stephen Mark “The Dansforth Project,” Beyond the Mountains of Madness.
Read, Jane “Service Charge,” Supernatural Tales 29, spring.
Read, Sarah “Magnifying Glass,” Black Static #46.
Red, Eric “The Buzzard,” Edge of Sundown.
Reeves-Stevens, Judith and Garfield, “Things in Jars,” Expiration Date.
Rempel, Rebekah “The Magpie’s Secret Lives, (poem) One Throne Magazine February.
Reynolds, Alistair “A Murmuration,” Interzone 257, March/April.
Reynolds, Josh “Seeking Whom He May Devour,” The Lovecraft ezine #35.
Rhodes, Danny “The Cleansing,” Black Static #45.
Robbe, Gary “Private Franks,” Shrieks and Shivers from the Horror Zine.
Robson, Kelly “The Three Resurrections of Jessica Churchill,” Clarkesworld February.
Roden, Barbara “Strone House,” Terror Tales of the Scottish Highlands.
Rodriguez, Marija Elektra “The Crying Room,” Midnight Echo 11.
Rogers, Ian “The Lighthouse of Midian,” Midian Unmade.
Rogers, Ian “The Veils,” The Second Spectral Book of Horror Stories.
Ross, Leone “The Woman Who Lived in a Restaurant,” Nightjar chapbook.
Roth, Eli “Valdivia,” The Blumhouse Book of Nightmares.
Royle, Nicholas “The Larder,” The Second Spectral Book of Horror Stories.
Rucker, Lynda E. “The Dying Season,” Aickman’s Heirs.
Rucker, Lynda E. “An Element of Blank,” Supernatural Tales, 30, Autumn.
Rucker, Lynda E. “The Secret Woods,” Soliloquy for Pan.
Rucker, Lynda E. “The Seventh Wave,” Terror Tales of the Ocean.
Runge, Karen “Going Home,” Savage Beasts.
Runolfson, J. C. “Pripyat,” (poem) Not One of Us #53.
Russo, Patricia “Locket,” Not One of Us #53.
Rutter, John D. “Last Christmas,” Nightjar Press chapbook.
Salter, Richard “Sharkbait,” Sharkpunk
Samatar, Sofia “Those,” Uncanny Issue #3.
Sammons, Brian M. “A Biting Cold,” Beyond the Mountains of Madness.
Sandoval, Kelly “All the Lovely Brides,” Grimdark #3.
Savile, Steven “Swimming with the Fishes,” Sharkpunk.
Schliewe, Jeremy “Distance,” Supernatural Tales 29, spring.
Schubert, Edmund R. “Feels Like Justice to Me,” The Big Bad II.
Schwader, Ann K. “At the Last of Carcosa,” (poem) Spectral Realms 2.
Schwader, Ann K. “Dead Canyons,” Cthulhu Fhtagn!
Schwader, Ann K. “Gone to Ground,” (poem) Dark Energies.
Schwader, Ann K. “Set Comes to Whitechapel,” (poem) Dark Energies.
Schwader, Ann K. “The Thirst of Sekhmet,” (poem) Spectral Realms No. 3.
Schweitzer, Darrell “Were-?” Flesh Like Smoke.
Sharma, Priya “The Absent Shade,” Black Static #44.
Sharp, Jonathan “Skoptsy, Whispers from the Abyss 2.
Shearman, Robert “Accursed,” Horrorology.
Shearman, Robert “And This is Where We Falter,” Terror Tales of the Ocean.
Shearman, Robert “Blood,” Seize the Night.
Shearman, Robert “Lump in Your Throat,” The Second Spectral Book of Horror Stories.
Shirley, John “The Claw Spur,” Edge of Sundown.
Simpson, Daniel “The Winter Stream, “Insert Title Here.
Sisamis, Rodopi “The Cypress God,” She Walks in Shadows.
Slatsky, Christopher “Film Maudit,” Resonator.
Slatter, Angela “Bearskin,” The Dark #7.
Slatter, Angela “Lavinia’s Wood,” She Walks in Shadows.
Slatter, Angela “Ripper,” (novella) Horrorology.
Smith, Clint “Animalhouse,” Nightscript I.
Smith, John Claude “Cooing,” Nightscript I.
Smith, Michael Marshall “Afterlife,” Horrorology.
Smith, Scott “Up in Old Vermont,” Seize the Night.
Snyder, Lucy A. “The Abomination of Fensmore,” Shadows over Main Street.
Snyder, Lucy A. “The Yellow Death,” Seize the Night.
Snyder, Lucy A. “While the Black Stars Burn,” Cassilda’s Song.
Southard, Nate “The Cork Won’t Stay,” Nightmare #34, July.
Sterns, Aaron “Vanguard,” Cthulhu: Deep Down Under.
Stevens, Dana “The Leap,” The Blumhouse Book of Nightmares.
Strantzas, Simon “In the Event of Death,” Black Wings IV.
Strantzas, Simon “Scraps of Paper,” Breakout, Postscripts 34/35.
Strantzas, Simon “The Last Embers,” Undertow Chapbook Series #1.
Stufflebeam, Bonnie Jo “Dance Our Shoes to Pieces,” Farrago’s Wainscott #14, April.
Surface, David “The Sea in Darkness Calls,” (novella) Darkest Minds.
Surface, David “The Sound That the World Makes,” Nightscript I.
Sutton, Pete “Latitude,” North by Southwest.
Taaffe, Sonya “All Our Salt-Bottled Hearts,” Dreams from the Witch House.
Taaffe, Sonya “Ghost Signs,” (poem) Ghost Signs.
Taaffe, Sonya “I Love You Like a Mountain,” The Long and the Short and the Tall.
Taaffe, Sonya “Red is for Soldiers,” (poem) Ghost Signs.
Taaffe, Sonya “The Boatman’s Cure,” Ghost Signs.
Tanzer, Molly “But Only Because I Love You,” Dreams from the Witch House.
Tanzer, Molly “Do Not Loiter in the Glen,” The Burning Maiden 2.
Tanzer, Molly “Grave-Worms,” Cassilda’s Song.
Tanzer, Molly and Bullington, Jesse “The Curse of the Old Ones,” Cthulhu Fhtagn!
Taylor, Amy & Andy “Shirley,” Sharkpunk.
Taylor, Lucy “In the Cave of the Delicate Singers,” July 27.
Tchaikovsky, Adrian “Crossed Gates,” Breakout, Postscripts 34/35.
Tem Steve Rasnic “The Brollachan,” Nightmares Unhinged.
Tem, Steve Rasnic “Deep Fracture,” The Madness of Cthulhu Two.
Tem, Steve Rasnic “Monkeys,” The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper.
Tem, Steve Rasnic “The Fishing Hut,” Black Static #45.
Tem, Steve Rasnic “The Grave House,” Strange Tales V.
Tem, Steve Rasnic and Tem, Melanie “Night Market,” Expiration Date.
Thomas, Jonathan “Sand Bar,” (poem) Spectral Realms No. 3.
Thomas, Lee “The Lord of Corrosion,” Queers Destroy Horror.
Thomas, Richard “From Within,” Slave Stories: Scenes from the Slave State.
Thomas, Richard “White Picket Fences,” Shadows over Main Street.
Tidhar, Lavie “Dynamics of an Asteroid,” The MammothBkoftheAdventuresof Moriarty.
Toase Steve “Not All the Coal That Is Dug Warms the World…,”Not One of Us #54.
Tobler, E. Catherine “Lockbox,” She Walks in Shadows.
Tobler, E. Catherine “Silencer….” Interzone #259.
Tobler, E. Catherine “Sweet Water,” Black Static #44.
Tobler, E. Catherine “The Threshold of Waking Light,” Giallo Fantastique.
Tonso, K.M. “The Far Side of Despair,” Darkling Incidence: Obscure Reflections.
Tremblay, Paul “The Ice Tower,” The Burning Maiden 2.
Turnbull, David “The Sweet Meat and the Beet,” Creeping Crawlers.
Tuttle, Lisa “The Book That Finds You,” Aickman’s Heirs.
Tuttle, Lisa “Vastation,” Horrorology.
Tyson, Donald “The Dream Stones,” The Madness of Cthulhu Two.
Tyson, Donald “The Waves Beckon,” Innsmouth Nightmares.
Unsworth, Simon Kurt “Little Traveller,” The Spectral Book of Horror Stories vol 2.
Unsworth, Simon Kurt “The Fool’s Sea,” Professor Challenger:New Worlds,Lost Places.
Valentine, Mark “Vain Shadows Flee,” Supernatural Tales, 30, Autumn.
Van Rijswijk, Bethany “Leaf-foot, Petal-mouth,” (poem) Soliloquy for Pan.
Vaz, Joe “After the Rain,” African Monsters.
Venter, Vianne “Acid Test,” African Monsters.
Vernon, Ursula “Wooden Feathers,” Uncanny Issue #7.
Vincent, Bev “The Boy in the White Sheet,” October Dreams II.
Volk, Stephen “The Shug Monkey,” Professor Challenger: New Worlds, Lost Places.
Volk, Stephen “Wrong,” The Second Spectral Book of Horror Stories.
Wagner, Josh “The Changing Things,” Lovecraft Ezine #35.
Wagner, Wendy “Three Small Pieces of Pumpkin Pie,” Farrago’s Wainscott #15, July.
Walters, Damien Angelica “Falling Under, Through the Dark,” Black Static #46.
Walters, Damien Angelica “Sing Me Your Scars,” Sing Me Your Scars.
Walters, Damien Angelica “Tooth, Tongue, and Claw,” Nightscript I.
Ward, P. J. “Silvia Reyes,” Protectors 2.
Warren, Kaaron “Body Finder,” Blurring the Line.
Warren, Kaaron “Mine Intercom,” The Review of Australian fiction, #6 vol 13.
Warren, Kaaron “The Bone Mason (Nyarlathotep ),” Illustro Obscurum Collaboration.
Warren, Kaaron “The Gate Theory,” chapbook, Cohesion Press.
Watt, D. P. “Myself/Thyself,” Terror Tales of the Scottish Highlands.
Watt, D. P. Honey Moon,” Soliloquy for Pan.
Waugh, Robert H. “The Black Plastic Rag,” The Blood Tugboat.
Waugh, Robert H. “The Bright Thin Room,” The Blood Tugboat.
Webster, Bud “Farewell Blues,” F&SF January/February.
Weekes, Carol & Kelly, Michael “The Ravens of Consequence,”nEvermore.
Wehunt, Michael “The Devil Under the Maison Blue,” The Dark #10.
Whates, Ian “Sharkadelic,” Sharkpunk.
Whitley, Aliya “To the Farm,” On Spec #99 winter 2014/2015.
Whitworth, E.G. I. “The Path,” Not One of Us #53.
Wilkinson, Charles “In His Grandmother’s Coat,” Nightscript I.
Williams, Conrad “The Offing,” Terror Tales of the Ocean.
Williamson, Chet “Blanket Man,” The Night Listener and Others.
Williamson, Chet “Out of Balance,” Hanzai Japan.
Williamson, Chet “She Sits and Smiles,” Eulogies III.
Williamson, David “And the Dead Shall Speak,” The Eleventh Black Book of Horror.
Williamson, Neil “The Language of Stamps,” Black Static #46.
Wilson, Stephen Lloyd “Miskatonic Schrödinger,” Blurring the Line.
Wise, A. C. “The Lion and the Unicorn,” Lackington’s #5.
Wise, A. C. “Troublemake,” Phobos #3.
Wong, Alyssa “Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers,” Queers Destroy Horror.
Wytovich, Stephanie M. “Head Ornaments,” (poem) Spectral Realms 2.
Yardley, Mercedes M. “Just Beyond Her Dreaming,” Cassilda’s Song.
Yeh, David K. “The Selkie,” Lackington’s #6.
Youers, Rio “Separator,” Seize the Night.
Youmans, Marly “The Child and the Night Gaunts,” Dreams from the Witch House.


  1. Gary Robbe says:

    Honored to see my story in the HMs for Best Horror of the Year 8. What great company!

  2. Ellen- thank you so much!!!

  3. I’ve only just noticed that you’ve given two of my stories an Honourable Mention. Thanks so much!

  4. Ellen Datlow says:

    You’re welcome! (all of you 🙂 )


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