The Doll Collection



For anyone wondering why I’ve been pretty quiet these past few weeks, it’s because I was finishing up two original anthologies: Nightmare Carnival and The Doll Collection.

I handed in Nightmare Carnival a couple of weeks ago and posted the cover art here. I’m about to hand in The Doll Collection, as soon as I finish my Introduction.

No cover art yet for this one. This is probably the order of the stories, but it’s not carved in stone.

The book will be published by Tor Books on their spring 2015 list.  (which could be any time between February and May, I believe).

Introduction                                                      by Ellen Datlow

Heroes and Villains                                           by Stephen Gallagher

The  Doll-Master                                                 by Joyce Carol Oates

Gaze                                                                          by Gemma Files

In Case of Zebras                                                by Pat Cadigan

Miss Sibyl-Cassandra                                       by Lucy Sussex

Skin and Bone                                                     by Tim Lebbon

There Is No Place for Sorrow in the Kingdom of the Cold by Seanan McGuire

Goodness and Kindness                                   by Carrie Vaughn

Daniel’s Theory of Dolls                                   by Stephen Graham Jones

After and Back Before                                    by Miranda Siemienowicz

Doctor Faustus                                     by Mary Robinette Kowal

Doll Court                                                        by Richard Bowes

Visit Lovely Cornwall on the Western Railway Line by Genevieve Valentine

Ambitious Boys Like You                                 by Richard Kadrey

The Permanent Collection                                 by Veronica Schanoes

Homemade Monsters                                       by John Langan

Word Doll                                                        by Jeffrey Ford



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